The death of Palestinian motorist Ziad Jilani


Please investigate the death of Palestinian motorist Ziad Jilani

I am an American, but I have depended on the BBC for impartial world news for years. In fact, the BBC Middle East page is my homepage. But I feel let down by your coverage lately. I know there are a lot of Middle East stories this week, but your lack of coverage on one story is sad. Yesterday the BBC website had a story about the killing of an Israeli soldier in the West Bank, but you never mentioned the killing of a Palestinian man in Jerusalem on Friday. 

On Friday, June 11, 2010, Ziad Jilani was killed in East Jerusalem by Israeli border police. Initial reports said that he had tried to run over 2 policemen, who were “lightly injured” and then fled on foot. The police say they shot him when he refused to stop. That's the story that Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post wrote. But none of the main news services seems to have made any effort to seek witnesses, verify the facts and find out if there was any other version of the story than the one put out by the Israelis. There is.

Ziad Joulani was a loving husband and a devoted father. I am a friend of his wife. She said they had plans to take their daughters out to dinner the day he was killed. He would not have thrown his life away and abandoned his family trying to run down police in the street. The Al-Quds newspaper in Jerusalem (Arabic) reported that a thrown stone hit Ziad's car, causing him to swerve toward the soldiers, starting the tragic chain of events. His wife was told that the shooting started before he got out of his car, and witnesses said that he was shot in the back and was on the ground when the police shot him several times at close range directly in the face and abdomen. Now his American wife and their 3 lovely daughters are suffering the dual catastrophe of losing this good man and having his memory smeared in media all over the world with accusations of terrorism. I am worried that if we don’t clear Ziad’s name, his wife and children will suffer. They may need to return to the US, since Ziad’s wife doesn’t speak either Arabic or Hebrew, and will have a hard time finding a job to support her children in Jerusalem.
Ziyad had an American greencard, and his wife is an American citizen, born in Barbados and raised in Texas where they met. They moved to Jerusalem to be near his family. They have 3 daughters.

We have been able to get a few news sites to look into this incident, but it is a shame that the BBC hasn’t mentioned it at all. Please look into this story and provide your readers/viewers/listeners with the truth.

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