Dying in an British prison: Brendan Lillis

It is very clear now that the UK authorities will win time to murder Brendan with a so called natural death. It is a pure political isue for them. They see Brendan as an Irish political activist and former ennemy, not as a human being. It is a pure form of political revenge.

It is therefore that:

- they will not liberate him immediately to save his life;
- they are talking about a ‘psychologist’ while the medical report of Brendan says clearly that he is fysically very sick and that his weight has come to a very critical point now;
- they violate their own rules (the Northern Ireland Prison Service Corporate and Business Plan 2008/11, which states that prisoners’ access to health services must be appropriate to their needs and equivalent to those services available to the public);
- they violate the european and international rules on sick prisoners and torturous and degrading treatments;
- they will win time and suggest a meeting in July (after Brendan’s death);
- they do no allow that legal non government organizations and other ‘dangerous’ witnesses attend the meeting (if Brendan is still alive);
- they hope Brendan will die shortly after this meeting or possible release;
- they do not allow that an independant physician, a member of the european parliament or an independant observer of an international institution visit Brendan.

I also think that the British government is afraid of an European and international condemnation of their prison and human rights policies because there too many deads in UK prisons. But the members of the British government refuse to undertake structural measures and to solve the problems. Instead, they prefer human rights violations and new deaths in prisons to ‘improve’ their political image in the world.

Jan Boeykens, Werkgroep Morkhoven

Friends of Brendan Lillis



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