Palestine: everything is planned




It is a pure destruction of the Palestinian people and the rob of their ground and houses through intimidations, threats, violence, terror, repression, lies, manipulations, false accusations, violation of human rights and UN-decisions, isolation, denial of water + goods + medicines, locking up of political leaders, secret services, weapons, deportations, murder, walls, prisons, camps and poisoning of the soil.

And verything else is fiction.

It is part of a well-considered plan that under the name 'Peace Process' is executed step-by-step. In collaboration with the U.S. government, the silencing State-governments and International Organisations.

It seems complicated but in fact, it is very simple and clear for the creators of the plan. They work systematically. As a killer who plans a murder. As a surgeon who performs a clinical surgery.
Rational and scientific. Without human feelings.

Jan Boeykens



Palestine: everything is planned 



130 journalistes sont actuellement emprisonnés

Tell your friends why you joined the cause!

Why I am joining the cause ?Very simply. Immediately after the childporn-case Zandvoort became internationally known (including journalists of 3 Japanese newspapers), false accusations against Marcel Vervloesem, member of our association, were organized.This happened through some journalists of the Flemish press.During 10 years Marcel was criminalised by these journalist who defined him as a 'self-proclaimed hunter of child-porno' and 'child abuser'.The child pornography case Zandvoort with the nearly 90,000 victims was covered and journalists who really wanted to write about, were prosecuted.

The cause now has 38,109 members.
Their mission: acheter l'album RSF 100 photos de Sabine Weiss

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