RTE News Ireland: ‘Prisoner Ombudsman can be helpful…’

Pauline McCabe, Prisoner Ombudsman for Northern Ireland, who investigates deaths in Prison Service ‘cannot be helpful’ in the case of Brendan Lillis who is dying in the Maghaberry prison of Northern Ireland…


RTE News Ireland:

29 March 2011 – The PSNI has begun a criminal investigation after the Northern Ireland Prisoner Ombudsman said a prison officer planted a note in the cell of a dissident republican suspect. http://www.rte.ie/news/2011/0329/psni.html

Probe into Maghaberry prison cell note

The PSNI has begun a criminal investigation after the Northern Ireland Prisoner Ombudsman said a prison officer planted a note in the cell of a dissident republican suspect.
The Prison Service of Northern Ireland says a member of staff has been suspended following the report by the ombudsman.
In a statement, the Prison Service said the prison officer was suspended in accordance with its code of discipline.
‘We have launched a disciplinary investigation into this matter which has been adjourned pending the outcome of the police inquiry.’
The note is believed to have contained personal details about the then Governor of Maghaberry Prison, Steve Rodford.
Mr Rodford resigned in December 2009 because of fears he faced a security threat.
Prisoner Ombudsman Pauline McCabe found that on the balance of probabilities, a member of prison staff planted the note in the cell of Brendan McConville, who is charged with the murder of PSNI Constable Stephen Carroll in Craigavon two years ago.
Mr McConville’s lawyer wrote to the Ombudsman alleging that his client had been set up by prison staff opposed to planned reforms within the prison.

Photo: Brendan Lillis who is now more then 450 days in bed in the Maghaberry prison of Northern Ireland. He has lost half of his body weight and is too weak to move, yet Maghaberry prison refuses to provide IV nourishment to him. Starvation is a slow and suffering way to kill a person. Please email PA/Prisoner.Ombudsman@prisonerombudsman.x.gsi.gov.uk and let them know their action of not providing IV nutrition to Mr. Lillis is tantamount to murder.
Friends of Brendan Lillis


Chechen political refugee Arbi Zarmaev will be murdered

Free Arbi !.jpg


The Belgian minister of justice Minister Stefaan De Clerck (Christian Democrats), signed on March 8th 2011, the decision to oblige the Chechen political refugee Arbi Zarmaev to leave the country and to extradite him to the Chechen authorities.

With some 40 Chechens and some representatives of human rights movements, we agreed to meet on March 21, 2011 before the European Parliament in Brussels and to protest against this expulsion and extradition. When I met the group (there was no action at that moment), an undercover policeman asked my identity card. I refused. Another undercover policeman and a policeman in uniform asked again my identity card. I again refused and said I had the right to move and to meet other citizens. I went with the Chechens to a little grass lawn with a beautiful fountain and I unfolded with the help of one of the Chechens, my banner 'Free Arbi - alive'. Then I asked the Chechens to come on the lawn so that there could be taken a group photo. Some undercovers and policemen in uniform prevented it. After a short time we were completely surrounded by a police cordon of 5 undercovers en 20 policemen in uniform. They asked our identity cards and no one of us was allowed to leave the circle of policemen. A policeman threatened to lock up me for 12 hours if I didn't give my identity card to him. One of the policemen pulled the banner out of my hands and destroyed it. After waiting a half hour we got our ID cards back and we were obliged to leave. A police officer told me that I was right by stating that the lawn was not owned by the European Parliament but that we had to ask permission to protest.
Arbi Zarmaev, the Chechen political refugee, is already 21 months locked up in the prison of Bruges. He was accused to have done his application to stay in Belgium under a 'false name'. He was also accused 'theft'. But these allegations seem to be incorrect. Arbi currently weighs just 50 kilograms (about 100 pounds). He has severe injuries in the face, showing that he is beaten. His family fears for his life. If he is extradited to Chechnya as former commander of the Chechen army, he will certainly be tortured and murdered. Arbi's wife and three children (2 years, 5 years, 10 years) are currently living in Belgium and fear that he will die.
Jan Boeykens, president of NGO Werkgroep Morkhoven