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Moses, who lives in Maryland, was one of the first people I talked with for the “Why I’m Marching” series. Here is his story.

Rev. Moses Akanbi
The Rev. Moses Akanbi holds up photographs of his wife, who lost her leg, at a rally for immigration reform. (Erica Miller/The Saratogian)”

My name is Moses Akanbi and I am from Nigeria. I was born in 1954 and have a wife and eight children back in Nigeria.  I am a minister and my father was too.

I came here in 1981 as a theology student. I always went back home after my studies, and came back for mission work and preaching, then went back again until 2003. Then my wife Deborah had an accident that caused her right leg to be amputated below the knee. We came here to the United States for a prosthetic. Because of economic hardship, we couldn’t get the best prosthetic, but one friend gave up his for her.

She went back home, and has not been able to return. We filed with the government to get adequate care for her and our children. We want to live the dream of everyone, to do something in the world. Due to a mistake possibly by the attorney, our request was denied, and we haven’t been able to refile. I have tried everything, writing everyone for help. Our community here saw us as a good asset. My wife and children are still in Lagos, Nigeria, and I have not seen them since 2003.

I will be at the March For America. I’ve spoken on the radio about the march and I’ve talked with partner leaders of communities.

Apart from my own personal reasons for being passionate about immigration reform, when I went to New Hampshire, I saw a family deported from this country. They were sent home and they were killed in their country. It’s not good for this country to be deporting people who have no place of safety when they reach their country. They want to contribute to this nation to make it great, to the security of this nation. We must find a way not to deport them.

I’ve seen students crying because they cannot study, and after education they cannot work. Their countries are too poor to find work. I want all students to be able to achieve their goals. Every student. And families must be united. No more deportations.

What I do is I help bring humans to their full potential – that’s what I’m good at. Bringing any soul to its full potential.

I hope you will fight for this cause.

I will be at the March For America to fight for justice.

How can you help make this march a huge success? Share this story with your friends and most importantly …sign up to march either on the website or on Facebook.



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