Palestine: Israeli kidnapping


Palestine: Israeli army kidnaps 21 Palestinians in West Bank, Gaza


IMEMC & Agencies:

Israeli soldiers and Navy kidnapped, Saturday, 19 Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip; 12 fishermen were kidnapped in Gaza territorial waters in Gaza, and nine in the occupied West Bank.

Local sources reported that Israeli soldiers invaded Sinjil village, north of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, broke into dozens of homes, and kidnapped five youths identified as Hasan Asfour, Waseem Asfour, Jabr Kreik, Ahmad Tawafsha, and Hussein Shabana.

The army also invaded Husan town, west of Bethlehem, and kidnapped four residents after breaking into and searching their homes. The four have been identified as Ismail Ibrahim Hamamra, Ramah Younis Hamamra, Mohammad Hamed Hamamra, and Abdul-Hamid Sami Hamamra.

Local sources reported that several children suffered panic attacks due to the violent way the army broke into the homes and searched them.

In Gaza, the Israeli Navy kidnapped, on Saturday morning, 12 fishermen and held their fishing boats in Gaza territorial waters.

The army chased the Palestinian fishing boats while they were only 1.5 nautical miles off the Gaza shore, and kidnapped 12 of them. The kidnapped fishermen were taken to Ashdod.

A few days ago, the Israeli Navy kidnapped ten fishermen after attacking their boats in Palestinian territorial waters, and released them later on.

The attacks against the fishermen come in direct violation of the ceasefire that was mediated by Egypt between the resistance in Gaza and Israel; as part of the ceasefire deal, Palestinian fishermen are supposed to be allowed to fish within 12 nautical miles.

This is happening despite the fact, under the Oslo accords, the Palestinians should be allowed to fish in 20 nautical miles off the Gaza shore, but in 2008, Israel unilaterally reduced the fishing area to 3 nautical miles.



Photo: demolitions by Israeli aircraft in Lebanon


Salafist movement in Jordan sends now terrorists to Syria

Libyans took matters into their own hands in Benghazi.jpgThe Salafist movement in Jordan sends now terrorists to Syria which use western weapons for its terrorist bomb attacks...


Photo: Thousands of people march in Benghazi during a protest against militias. The Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. Consulate that killed four Americans was the spark that ignited growing frustration with the armed groups that have proliferated since the ouster of Moammar Gadhafi. Continuing to chant anti-Ansar slogans, the crowd, swelling into the thousands, moved on to try to storm a separate compound where the powerful pro-government Rafallah al-Sahati militia was entrusted with guarding a big weapons store, and opened fire on the assailants. Looters carried weapons out of the compound as men chanted: "Say to Ansar al-Shariah: 'Benghazi will be your inferno!'"


Syria protests against offending film


Hundreds of Syrians Protest against the Offending "Innocence of Muslims" Film

Sep 14, 2012 - DAMASCUS, (SANA)- Hundreds of citizens gathered in front of the U.S. Embassy in Damascus following Friday Prayers in protest against the U.S.-produced film "Innocence of Muslims" which denigrates Islam and Prophet Mohammad.

The participants in the protest denounced the film as being aimed at stirring religious conflicts and igniting the war waged against Islam, holding the U.S. administration responsibe for allowing the production and release of this film.

The protests chanted slogans calling for taking the film's producers to international courts on charge of disdaining religions and encroaching on Islam and Prophet Mohammad.

Fayez al-Asta, one of the participants, noted that "Innocence of Muslims", which was directed and produced in the US by an Israeli amateur director, constituted an offense to the whole humanity, stressing that the goal behind this film is to ignite antipathy among religions, "which will not happen." 

For his part, Mu'taz Anbar, another participant, called on all international organizations to condemn the film and work on holding its producers to account.

The participants criticized the attempts at putting the film within the framework of freedom of expression and opinion to provide cover for this offense which is denounced by all the holy religions.

A similar protest was held outside the U.S. Embassy on Thursday evening and included the participation of hundreds of citizens.

A number of Arab and Islamic countries also witnessed gatherings in front of the U.S. and Western Embassies in protest of the offending film.

H. Said

(The website of the Syrian News Agency SANA is regularly blocked by the western war propaganda services)


Human rights first: Who's arming terrorists for bomb attacks in Syria ?


- Obama signed a secret order authorizing U.S. support for Syrian terrorists seeking to depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government.  Obama’s order, approved earlier this year and known as an intelligence “finding,” broadly permits the CIA and other U.S. agencies to provide support that could help the terrorists oust Assad.  C.I.A. officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey. The weapons, including automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, ammunition and some antitank weapons, are being funneled mostly across the Turkish border by way of a shadowy network of intermediaries including Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood and paid for by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The United States is setting up joint military, intelligence and medical working teams with Israel, Turkey and Jordan.

- Belgian Senator Nele Lijnen said that she intends to launch a discussion at the Belgian Senate regarding the fact that the terrorists in Syria possess weapons made in Belgium. 


- British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Britain would step up its support for the armed groups in Syria, providing them with an additional £5 million (US$7.8 million). The money is used for bomb attacks in Syria.

- An official source told a SANA reporter that the seized arms included Nato sniper rifles, machineguns, hunting rifles, explosive devices of various weights, devices for remote control detonation and an amount of batteries and electrical wires.

- The Swiss Authorities announced that they are investigating into information published by Sonntags Zeitung newspaper about hand grenades used by armed terrorist groups in Syria.


Facebook and the 'Arab spring': Big business !



Sarkozy and Marc Zuckerberg (Facebook) during the NATO-bombings of Libya











NATO bombing of Nasser Campus B, Al Fateh University, Tripoli.

Nasser bombed

June 26, 2011 - Recently Tripoli’s Nasser University was bombed. University staff were injured and killed. Mohammed Al-Alam, a student at Nasser University provided The Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG) with exclusive photographs of the NATO strike on Nasser University.

As Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya writes:

The unspoken objective [in bombing Libya] is to destroy Libya’s economy and to prevent it from developing as a nation-state. This is why schools and universities, hospitals, shipyards, factories, not to mention residential areas, have been the target of NATO bombings.



Russia Wants ICC to Examine All NATO Bombings in Libya

destroyedLibya.jpgMOSCOW, May 18 (RIA Novosti)

Russia hopes that the International Criminal Court will consider all cases of NATO airstrikes in Libya that caused civilian casualties, Foreign Ministry human rights spokesman Konstantin Dolgov said in the statement published on the ministry’s website.

“We welcome the decision of ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo to consider alleged violations of international humanitarian law," the statement said. "We presume that the ICC will consider all cases of NATO bombing that caused civilian casualties.”

“The issue of civilian casualties during the NATO Libyan campaign has been repeatedly raised at the UN Security Council and the UN Council on Human Rights.”

“An impartial international investigation into the effects of NATO air strikes during Operation United Defender in Libya is necessary to prevent such tragedies in the future,” the statement said.

(we had some problems with the publication of this article)


Internet Censure: Facebook removes photo of victim of NATO-bombings

'We have removed content you posted'

We have removed the following content you posted or were the admin of because it violates Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities: photo


During several months, our Facebook account was closed for so called  'security reasons' and our name and our posts were not to find on Facebook anymore.

Today we attempt again to visit our Facebook account.

We received the message above.

This message gives the false impression that Facebook was blocking our Facebook account during the past months only for reason of the publication of this previously  published photo and the so called 'violation of Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities'.

It is still impossible to visit our Facebook account.  Facebook claims that we are now blocked from posting content on Facebook for 24 hours and wants again a 'security check'.   

It was with this kind of difficult 'security checks' if you have more than 1.000 interested 'friends', and by our refusal to give our phone number for a check of the Facebook-police, that Facebook prevented us during several months to visit our account and that all our posts and research information were during all that time invisible.

It is not the first time that Facebook closed our account and that all our information and researches disappeared.  Princess J. de Croÿ who worked around the Zandvoort childporn case, and many Palestinian activists were already victim of this 'subtle' form of censorship.

At the moment we wanted to publish this post, our internet connection was broken and the shocking picture of the seriously wounded girl, disappeared from this blog just after publication.  Thus we were obliged to use a copy of the forbidden picture.   

We published also some photos of president Barrack Obama and Facebook boss Marc Zückerberg on our Facebook account.  The pictures show how they are drinking champaign and making jokes with some of their friends.  At that moment Libya was bombed during day and night by NATO aircraft and missiles.  I wonder or these pictures of the preachers of the 'Arab spring', are still online.

Jan Boeykens, president of Werkgroep Morkhoven



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