Syria: National Solidarity - Popular March in Homs City


Popular March in Homs City to Express Shared Amity 

Sept. 29, 2012 - HOMS, (SANA) - Citizens of the neighborhoods of al-Nuzha, Akrama, al-Zahraa, Ashira and Karm al-Louz in the city of Homs on Saturday went out on a popular march from al-Nuzha roundabout to Baba Amro neighborhood in an expression of shared amity.

With rice and national songs, the marchers were heartedly welcomed by the residents of Baba Amro neighborhood, who along with their fellow citizens planted an olive tree at the neighborhood's roundabout as a symbol of amity for each other.

Homs Governor, Ahmad Munir Mohammad, highlighted in a statement to SANA the importance of such initiatives in strengthening love and unity among the city's sons, stressing that "no matter how hard the enemies try, the Syrian people will remain strong and steadfast in the face of the conspiracies."

For his part, Jamal Nasr, head of 'Syria Is Our Home' campaign, said the aim of this march is to emphasize that "we are an invincible people that can't be defeated no matter how the conspirators try to spread their venom in Syria." "We are loyal to this homeland and to each other," Nasr reiterated.

The residents participating in the march considered this event as a step towards the comprehensive reconciliation in all Homs neighborhoods to pave the way for restoring Homs as it used to be.

"This meeting came to send a message to those who are funding terrorism that the Syrian people will continue to defend the homeland whatever the cost," Ahmad al-Sajj, a member of Baba Amro committee, told SANA reporter.

The participants stressed this activity is a proof to the whole world that the citizens of Homs city were raised on amity and tolerance, affirming that Syria will achieve victory thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian Arab Army.

H. Said