Ni’lin committee: Help us free Hassan Nafi!

village of Ni’lin.jpgDear friends, supporters, freedom people of the world,

June 24th, 2012 - Four hours ago I came back from Ofer military court where Hassan Nafi and Ahmad Amireh has a court today.

The court was supposed to be at 02:30 pm but it was delayed until 04:30 pm because Ahmad was still under the interrogation! So I had to wait for hours and hours before seeing them.

At 04:30 they brought Ahmad Amireh, who is a father of 4 young children, and they asked to extend his arrest to another period to keep pressing on him to force him to sign on a paper that is full of names of people who join the ”illegal” protests against the segregation wall in the west bank village of Ni’lin. The military court accepted to extend the court till next Tuesday.
( Ahmad didn’t do anything except protesting the theft of his land peacefully. Therefore he has to pay for his ”crime” by being locked up far from his family and children )

At 05:00 pm, they brought Hassan Nafi (the photographer volunteer with Ni’lin committee).

I could speak with Hassan for a little bit despite the shouting of the Israeli soldier at me because it is not allowed to say any word there or touch the prisoner.

Hassan told me that, after he was arrested from his home, he was taken to the wall side and then stayed to hours at the Israeli checkpoint that is sat up on Ni’lin’s land. He was handcuffed and blindfold. The Israeli soldiers beat him.
Moreover, they put him in a corner and started to throw stones at him from around 10 meters far distance, he was injured next to his head, and after a while he was taken to the investigation rooms in Ofer military jail where he was left without water or food all the day and the night.

Hassan is now still with high spirit, the Israeli soldiers didn’t succeed to force him to sign on the papers. And as a photographer, the Lawyer asked for the immediate release of Hassan but the Israeli military prosecutor rejected, even Hassan didn’t commit anything, but they charged him with a fine of 2500 Nis (550 Euro) to be free. So Hassan will be free as soon as the fine is payed. Hassan family can not offer to pay the fine due to their miserable situation. If we don’t pay this fine then Hassan will stay in jail for 2 months and a half.

We don’t have enough money in our committee to pay any fine for the moment, and in the same time we can’t allow the Israeli occupation to succeed to suppress our struggle or kill the eye witnesses who are filming and spreading the truth about the true ugly face of Israel.

So Please help us free Hassan! And help us to free Ahmad too!

For anyone who is interested in helping us please contact me at my email: saeedima91@gmail.com

Or you can send direct to our paypal account on: http://supportibrahim.com/donate/

For a direct donation: free.nilin@gmail.com
Or through the easiest way for you!

Saeed Amireh- Ni’lin popular committee



Photo: July 8 2011, residents from the village of Ni’lin demonstrated against the Apartheid Wall.