UN responsible for the creation of an ‘ethnically homogeneous’ Israel

On the request of Tel Aviv and Washington, the UN blocks all the resolutions critical of Israel. Thus the UN is also reponsible for the realization of Israel’s plan to create a State ethnically homogeneous from the Mediterranean Sea until the Jordan…
On November 15, 2010, U.S. President Barack Obama praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for urging his cabinet to accept a U.S. proposal to extend a freeze on West Bank settlement building for 90 days.
Under the plan, Washington would block UN resolutions critical of Israel, and supply Israel with fighter jets worth $3 billion. The US government also promisedIsrael that after the 90-day moratorium, they would not seek an extension, and settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem (all of which is illegal under international law) could continue unabated.
In February 2011, more than 100 nations voted for a U.N. resolution that would have condemned illegal Israeli settlements and halted any new construction. The United States vetoed it.
On February 19, 2011, Israel said it was deeply grateful to the United States after it vetoed a United Nations resolution put forward by the Palestinian leadership condemning Israeli settlement activity.

Since 2001, Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs and leader of Israel’s far right party, Avigdor Lieberman, proposes to establish four townships in the occupied West Bank, hermetically sealed, which would be grouped the Palestinians. He sees it as a solution for the Palestinian citizens of Israel, who are more than one million, to move the vast majority of the group in tightly closed, self-administered areas.
Thus would arise a State ethnically homogeneous from the Mediterranean Sea until the Jordan, sheltering in its midst Palestinian “Bantustans”.


The Libyan ship for Gaza

Libyan Gaza ship.jpg

Libya Ship 'Stalls' Off Gaza As Israeli Gunboats Hover


14 Jul 2010

JERUSALEM - A Libyan ship loaded with aid for Gaza apparently stalled off the coast of the besieged territory on July 14, its every movement closely watched by a fleet of Israeli warships hovering nearby.

As of the morning of July 14, it was still not clear if the freighter would re-chart a course for the Egyptian port of El-Arish, or would continue to head for the Gaza Strip in defiance of an Israeli naval blockade on the territory.

"The boat is in international waters, 60 miles from El-Arish and 80 miles from Gaza," a military spokeswoman said. "As far as I know, it is not moving."

Overnight, the vessel appeared to have stalled with engine trouble, according to Israel public radio and the Kadhafi Foundation charity involved in the shipment.

Public radio, whose monitor has been listening in to radio transmissions between the ship and the navy, broadcast what it said was the ship's captain reporting his main engine had failed.

The radio later reported that the Israeli boats were within visual range of the vessel, and were contacting the captain with questions every time there was suspicious movement on deck.

In Tripoli, Yussef Sawan, head of the Kadhafi Foundation, confirmed the cargo ship, the Amalthea, had engine trouble, but blamed its lack of progress on the Israeli navy.

"Because of a malfunction, the cargo ship was moving slowly, but now it has stopped. The Israeli navy is preventing us from moving," Sawan said.

"Eight Israeli warships are surrounding the Libyan aid ship for Gaza and preventing the continuation of its journey," he said.

The ship, which is carrying a cargo of 2,000 tons of foodstuffs and medicine, has been charted by the the Kadhafi Foundation. The charity is run by Seif al-Islam, son of Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi.

Sawan said earlier that the warships were "threatening" the cargo ship which he said was still headed for Gaza, denying an Egyptian claim that it was due to arrive in El-Arish, an Egyptian port about 50 kilometers from Gaza.

"The ship is still headed for Gaza and will not change course," Sawan said.

On July 13, the ship's Cuban captain had told the navy he would change course and head for El-Arish, an Israeli official said.

However, warships continued to closely monitor the ship, fearing the move was a ruse, he said.

Speaking to the Maariv daily, a senior military official said naval forces were not expecting any problems from those on board but they were prepared to respond if it became necessary.

"We do not expect any resistance," he said. "But if our soldiers do encounter problems, they will not hesitate to use force."

The last time Israel tried to stop Gaza aid ships the resulting skirmishes left nine Turks, including a dual U.S. national, dead while dozens of other people were injured, including nine Israeli commandos.

Washington on Tuesday urged both parties to act with caution.

"We have urged the Libyan government to avoid any unnecessary confrontation," said State Department spokesman Philip Crowley, calling on all parties "to act responsibly" in meeting Gaza's needs.

Mashallah Zwei, a representative of the charity on the boat, said July 13 that the navy had "threatened to send their warships to intercept the boat and escort it toward the (southern Israeli) port of Ashdod if we do not change course."

The 92-meter (302-foot) freighter had left Greece on July 10 carrying a crew of 12 of various nationalities, along with nine passengers: six Libyans, a Nigerian, a Moroccan and an Algerian national, the shipping agent said.

Earlier this week, Israel's military published the results of an internal inquiry into the May 31 raid, which found that while mistakes had been made, the troops' use of live fire was "justified."

Global pressure over the May 31 debacle forced Israel to significantly change its policy on Gaza, and now it prevents only the import of arms and goods it says could be used to build weapons or fortifications.

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Democracy and Freedom: Action before the NATO buildings in Brussels


U.S. and NATO like to present themselves as 'liberators'. But they are killing the people with their weapons of mass destruction and they defend the murderous colonization of Palestine.

Photo: NATO-bombing of Serbia

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Our ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ in Iraq: 19 people killed

Some months ago, tens of thousands of Iraqis protested against our democracy. Surrounded by hundreds of police, soldiers and rooftop snipers, with military helicopters buzzing overhead, protesters waved Iraqi flags and signs reading “Bring the Light Back” (a reference to the lack of electricity), “No to Corruption!” and “I’m a Peaceful Man.” Security forces used tear gas, water cannons, sound bombs and live bullets to disperse the crowds. At least 19 people were killed. A spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad said that Iraq’s security forces “generally have not used force against peaceful protesters.” http://www.uruknet.info/?p=m75338&hd&size=1&l=e&fb=1


Libya fights back: ship with aid for Gaza

Libya fights back: ship with aid for Gaza

Our Libyan Charity Foundation organized in June 2010 a ship with aid for Gaza. The ship was blocked by Israel, Greece (member of the NATO) and Egypt. 
Greece and Egypt are closely related to the U.S. and Israel. 
I don’t understand why everybody is demonizing my father. The U.S. are delivering for billions of dollars to Israel. Israel uses this money for weapons and air planes. All the U.N. resolutions critical of Israel. are actually blocked by the U.S. and its allies. That’s why Palestinian people are driven from their homes and why Gaza is bombed.

They accuse my father from bombing ‘his own people’… 
In 1986 the US launched air strikes on Libya.
At least 100 people have died after USA planes bombed targets in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, and the Benghazi region.



Bruxelles: Manifestation 'pour la paix en Libye'



Nous n'aimons pas le slogan 'Ni Khadafi, Ni l'OTAN' parce que la campagne médiatique avec le diabolisation de Khadafi était justement l'excuse de l'OTAN pour un soi-disant no-fly zone et une intervention militaire. 
C'était la même chose en Iraq, Yougoslavie et Afghanistan (et bientôt en Iran). 


N'oubliez pas:

- En 1986, les États-Unis ont lancé des frappes aériennes sur la Libye.
Au moins 100 personnes sont mortes après que les avions américains ont bombardé des cibles dans la capitale libyenne, Tripoli, et dans la région de Benghazi. 

- La 'Libyan Charity Foundation' de Saif al-Islam, fils du colonel Mouammar Kadhafi, a organisé en Juin 2010, un navire avec une aide à Gaza. Le navire a été bloqué par Israël, la Grèce et l'Egypte. 
La Grèce est membre de l'OTAN. 
La Grèce et l'Egypte sont étroitement lié aux États-Unis et Israël. l'Egypte travaillait avec Israël à la construction du mur autour de la bande de Gaza et le gouvernement égyptien travaillait dans le programme 'anti-terroriste' du CIA qui est bien connu pour les enlèvements et la torture des activistes musulmans. 

- Tout le monde diabolise Khadafi. Au même temps Hillary Clinton était bienvenue en Egypte. Mais on cache que les États-Unis bloquent toutes les résolutions de l'ONU critique d'Israël et qu'ils sont directement responsables pour les bombardements sur Gaza.


Road to Hope Convoy Gaza


Road to Hope Convoy Reuniting in Egypt, could enter Gaza today


November 25, 2010

This has been an incredibly 5000 mile journey from London. The convoy has been split by forces beyond their control including Egypt’s demand that the convoy take a ship from Libya to Egypt through El Arish Port.  This requires significant extra expense and most convoy members being left to fly as cargo ships are not able to take large numbers of people.  The obtained significant notoriety when 10 members were kidnapped from Libya to Greece aboard the Greek owned Strofades IV.  The owner and captain of that ship were subsequently charged with kidnapping.  Some have speculated that outside forces may have played a role in that disruption to the convoy. “This has been an incredibly long road to Gaza and it highlights the incredible obstacles and potential dangers of helping the people of Palestine.” – Ken O’Keefe.

Three of the ten kidnapped convoy members (Ken O’Keefe, Khalid Omar Ali & Younus Malik) have managed to make it to Egypt in order to reunite with the rest of the convoy.   They are awaiting the arrival of the 30 or so convoy members who are flying from Libya to Egypt today.  Egypt also blacklisted 13 convoy members with no stated reason, most however were members of previous convoys or survivors of the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara in May 2010.  The only remaining survivor of the Mavi Marmara thus far permitted by Egypt to enter Gaza is Ken O’Keefe who was involved in disarming two Israeli commandos.

The ship that brought three other convoy members, 30 convoy vehicles and £500,000 worth of humanitarian aid has offloaded at El Arish port today, after being blocked by Egypt for the last four days.  If all goes smoothly the convoy will be entering Gaza through Rafah Crossing today. Although the convoy began with 101 members, it has dwindled to the necessary amount of drivers, 34.

Contact for Ken O’Keefe in Egypt – +20 150 290 6473 (alternate +20 188 206 778)

Contact for Dr. Saeb Shaath Egypt +20 129 594 582

Contact for Ken O’Keefe in Gaza +44 79444 01757 (alternate +970 599 536 642)

Convoy photos at Ken O’Keefe’s Facebook profil:



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Gaza children return from Slovenia with prosthetic limbs


Gaza - Ma'an - Ten children returned to Gaza from Slovenia on Friday, fitted with prosthetic limbs thanks to a rehabilitation project initiated by Slovenia’s president, Danilo Turk.

The children, who lost limbs in Israel’s attack on the Strip in December 2008, were treated at Ljubljana’s Institute for Rehabilitation.

President Turk visited the West Bank shortly after the war, and promised that the International Trust Fund for Demining and Mine Victims Assistance, set up by the Slovenian government in 1998, would offer its expertise and support to Gaza’s child amputees.

Last year, 32 children were flown to the Slovenian capital where they were fitted with artificial limbs and trained to use them.

Child amputees constantly outgrow their prosthetic limbs, and need regular re-fittings. The campaign, co-sponsored by the US, Sweden, and South Korea, also brings physiotherapists and doctors from Gaza to Slovenia to receive specialist training. 

Qatari emir Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani visited the latest round of children to benefit from the project in the Slovenian capital, and donated €100,000 to bring another group of children to the center. 

Healthcare in Gaza is severely restricted by Israel’s four-year siege. Israel controls what medical equipment is allowed inside, and Palestinians must obtain permission to receive treatment at specialist hospitals in Jerusalem, a lengthy and often unsuccessful process.

More than 260 people died in Gaza last year because Israel refused these permits, the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Health estimates.





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