ECHR Suspends the Extradition of Arbi Zarmaev- Minister of Justice blocks

ECHR Suspends the Extradition of Arbi Zarmaev

Saturday, 9 April 2011.  
ECHR Suspends the Extradition of Arbi Zarmaev

The Pax Christi Association website has reported that the European Court of Human Rights has suspended the extradition of Arbi Zarmaev from Belgium to the Russian Federation.

According to the news, on April 5th the ECHR suspended the extradition ruling of the Belgian Ministry of Justice on Arbi Zarmaev, who is a Chechen refugee.

However, Arbi Zarmaev is still living in a darkened 2 x 3 meter isolation cell at the Bruges prison. Also, Arbi’s sister and brother have not been allowed to visit him for almost 10 days. Arbi’s right to communicate by letter or telephone was also revoked by prison administration.

Arbi was seen few days ago by his wife. The prison administration let her at her husband through a window. According to his wife, Arbi was lying motionless on the ground. Around him there were all kinds of medication and in the corners of the cell, a “white powder” seemed to be located.

*Text was written by Waynakh Online and edited by Michael Capobianco



After the tortures in the prisons of Hasselt and Bruges, Arbi is now totally isolated by Belgian Justice and the direction of the prison of Bruges.
That is the best way to break him and his family.

Some years ago Russia was critisized by the European Union because the Russian government used psychiatry and psychiatric drugs to eleminate all the political opposants in Russia.

But the European Union which is preaching ‘the respect for human rights’ does just te same.

They were isolating and torturing Arbi to make him mad. In the prison of Hasselt they didn’t give him water during 4 days but they were giving him the psychiatric drug Clopixil (a neurolepticum) which is used for so called ‘difficult social contacts’ and ‘fears’ (the fear to be murdered by torture).
In the prison of Bruges they give him the psychiatric drug Zyprexa, a so called antipsychoticum that is used against ‘delusions’ such as hearing, seeing and feeling things that are not there…(solitary confinement, torture,).
Zyprexa may also cause restlessness, extreme fatigue and speech problems.
That’s why the direction of the prison of Bruges said that Arbi “mumbled incoherent things’ (in Chechen language what Belgians can not understand).

The direction of the prison of Bruges wants lo let believe now to everybody, including Arbi’s brother and sister, that Arbi is really mad. That he does not know what he says and wants no further contact.

The direction said that Arbi best can be locked up in a closed psychiatric institution, in a special institution for mentally ill.

But 10 days ago, Arbi talked with his sister and brother. His sister and brother said he was completely exhausted, but his mind was mentally in order.

Just before the meeting of the Belgian Councel of State that confirmed the extradition of Arbi to Russia which is signed some weeks ago by the minister of Belgian Justice after his contact with the Russian embassy, Arbi was totally isolated.
His sister and brother could not longer visit him.

The direction of the prison and Arbi’s lawyer who has good contacts with the direction of the prison
continuously repeated that Arbi was ‘not very well’, “mumbled incoherent things’, ‘wanted not to sign the report notes of the prison for the admission of visits’ and ‘wanted no contact anymore’.
He was only allowed to have contact with his lawyer who has good contacts with the direction of the prison.
Arbi was declared mentally ill and with the aid of the lawyer, they hoped that his family would believe it.

The direction of the prison states that:
‘everybody can visit him but that he does not want some visit’ and that they have ‘to respect his will’.
‘he can phone but that he does not want to sign a report note for permission’
‘he can write but that he does not want to sign a report note for permission’
‘he can have a television in his loft but that he does not want to sign a report note for permission’

Nobody can control what he is really saying and they can say what they want.

Five days ago an italian doctor could visit Arbi, after a lot of problems about his profession (they didn’t believe he was a doctor). Arbi wanted to see his sister and brother. But they wanted do handcuffs around his wrists. He refused it because he had a lot of pain at his wrists. By the torturous treatment, he had deep wounds at his wrists which wre heavely infected. They could not sew the wounds.

I think that the torturous treatment he was undergoing, the totally isolation, all the lies about what is happening, and the neuroleptics, they are making him really mad.

I wrote about it to the minister of justice Stefaan De Clerck (christen-democrat party) who preaches that a ‘human and righteous justice’ but he didn’t answer me.
I wrote to mister Renaal Landuyt, a ‘socialist’ member of Belgian parliament who is specialised in justice and prison matters. He didn’t answer me.
Yesterday I wrote to Bart Staes, a member of the European Parliamant (Greens). I asked him to use his european mandate to visit Arbi in prison. I am waiting his reply.
I wrote to Pax Christi, a association that’s also working about human rights.
I contacted the Directorate General of the Belgian prisons in Brussels ( a few steps away of the Cabinet of Minister of justice Stefaan De Clerck). They promised me ‘to investigate the case’ but the only result of their ‘investigation’ is that the dramatic situation remains unchanged.

In the prison of Hasselt a Chechen without legs was locked up for 4 months.
In the prison of Bruges there is still detained a Chechen without legs.

In 2005 there were serious problems with some Kurds who where tortured on an unimaginable way in the prison of Bruges.
In 2008 the UN-Comittee Against Torture condamned Belgium for its torture practices in prisons.
Belgium was also criticized on a European level. But nothing changes and even the Belgian Prison Act of 2004 that provided for inspection, is not applied.


Political refugees Belgium: Arbi Zarmaev needs urgent hospitalization and medical care

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2011/4/7 Gmail info@gmail.com

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Brussels, 2011.4.7

Dear Sir, 

This IS not a 'dormant acount' and you know it.

We repeatedly wrote you but you didn't reply. 

As human rights activists, we have a lot of problems with Belgian Justice who is tapping our emails and phones because of our activities. 
As we wrote you, Belgian Justice who want cover up the Zandvoort childporn case (88.539 victims), has set by court ruling, to one of our board members of our association, a ban to speak with the press and the other board members of our association.

We are working actuallly about Arbi Zarmaev, a political refugee who was tortured in the prisons of Bruges and Hasselt (Belgium). 
Russia asked for his extradition and the Belgian minister of Justice Stefaan De Clerck, who contacted the Russian embassy, had previously signed because 'there is no risk of torture in a Russian or Chechen prison'. 
Arbi Zarmaev weighs only 100 pounds (50 kilo) and is since 14 days enclosed in a darkened isolation cell of 2 x 3 meters of the special security department of the prisons. He was given no drinking during 4 days so he might have kidneyproblems. 
He is awakened every 15 minutes during his sleep. He is completely isolated from his family and his friends. He can not make phone calls. He can not correspond. His situation is worse than that of the prisoners at Guantanamo.
They have appointed a psychiatrist who gives him neuroleptics. Yesterday his wife could look for some minutes through the window of the isolation cell. She saw him motionless on the ground with various medications and a white powder around him. His family was totally panicked. 
He's so sick that there is also a high risk for suicide. 
A few days ago we visited with the family the office of the Belgian minister of Justice and the secretary-general of the Belgian prison system in Brussels. 
We have explained the situation there and they 'would investigate the case'. We also wrote to the minister of Justice and the Belgian MPs. But nothing seems to change and we have the impression that they will let him die in prison. 
Various human rights organizations (Pax Christi, Amnesty International,) have written about the case. There are also some European parliamentarians who have tried to do something.
We are asking for an urgent hospitalization and medical care of Arbi Zarmaev who has also serious wounds that are infected. The wounds were caused by the iron shackles.

We hope that you can understand why we are afraid of phishing practices whereby someone's code is used for closing blogs and e-mail accounts. 
And we are asking you to look for a solution of this problem.

We will publish your message and my reply on Facebook, titled 'GOOGLE WILL DELETE OUR ACCOUNT'.


Jan Boeykens

PS. I will send you a copy of my post of Facebook



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Photo: European Parliament Brussels


"Пакс Кристи" протестует против выдачи чеченца Арби Зармаева в Россию

Томас Bekaert, "Paks Kristi",

"Пакс Кристи" протестует против выдачи чеченца Арби Зармаева в Россию

Написал Ичкериец

22.03.2011 16:09 по Джохару

"Пакс Кристи Фландрии, вместе с Amnesty International и организацией "Мемориал" заявила протест против высылки чеченского беженца Зармаева Арби, в Россию.

Министр юстиции Бельгии Стефан Де Клерк, подписал 8 марта решение о его выдаче российским властям.

Вчера, два адвоката, и г-н г-н Пол Томас Bekaert Гиллис подали ходатайство в адрес Государственного совета с требованием приостановить решение. Как заявил Джо Hanssens, президент организации "Paks Kristi": "это решение опасно для жизни человека. Это означает нарушение Европейской конвенции по правам человека. Paks Kristi Фландрии призывает министра пересмотреть свое решение".

Сообщается, что Арби Зармаев воевал в 1999-2000 в рядах чеченского Сопротивления против российских оккупантов . Когда стало известно, что российские оккупанты, с помощью чеченских национал-предателей, собираются его убить, он выехал из страны. После долгих странствий он приехал в Бельгию, где он попросил убежища в 2002 году. После получения убежища в Бельгии, он женился, у него сейчас двое сыновей.

Джо Ханссенс обращает внимание, что Россию по Чечении в Европейском суде по правам человека в прошлом неоднократно осуждали за нарушения прав человека. Он сказал, что это было иллюзией полагать, что Россия теперь вдруг она будет их соблюдать.

Вместе с тем сообщается, что Арби Зармаев подвергся жестоким избиениям в бельгийской тюрьме. Так Евгений Новожилов из Польши пишет о жестоком обращении с Арби Зармаевым и приводит вопиющие факты.

Приведём его статью опубликованную в его блоге и присланную нам по почте.

* * *

В бельгийской тюрьме убивают чеченского беженца, брошенного туда по сфабрикованному обвинению

19 марта 2011 г.

В бельгийской тюрьме демократические палачи убивают беженца из Чечни Арби Зармаева, который по наивности своей надеялся найти в Европе убежище от путинского террора. В результате он стал жертвой террора европейских демократов. Его посадили за решётку на 18 месяцев по сфабрикованному обвинению в том, что он якобы вымогал 200 евро. Правозащитники нашли фигурирующего в деле потерпевшего. Выяснилось, что он ни о деле, ни о Арби Зармаеве вообще ничего не знает. Никто у этого «потерпевшего» никакие 200 евро не вымогал. Теперь он требует возбудить дело против следователя, который использовал его имя для фальсификации обвинения против Зармаева.

Когда Арби уже безвинно томился в бельгийских застенках, Россия объявила его в розыск через Интерпол. Его обвинили в соучастии в убийстве: он якобы в 2001 г. передал пистолет девушке, которая потом из этого оружия застрелила человека. Правозащитники нашли эту девушку, уже отсидевшую срок за убийство. Оказалось, что она никогда ничего не слышала о Зармаеве. К тому же, застрелила она не человека, а выродка, который её изнасиловал.

Арби Зармаев подвергается в бельгийской демократической тюрьме изуверским истязаниям, подобным тем, которым российские оккупанты подвергали арестованных чеченцев в «фильтрационных» лагерях. Когда несколько месяцев назад Арби Зармаева посетили Фрида Брепульс, депутат Европарламента, и Имран Эжиев, советник депутата Европарламента Барта Стаса, они обнаружили, что у Арби сломано 3 ребра и на рассечённую бровь наложено 4 шва. После их визита демократический тюремный террор против Арби Зармаева усилился. Имран Эжиев, на днях снова посетивший его, выяснил, что Арби 5 суток держали в наручниках (от наручников на руках остались глубокие следы) и не давали ему есть. Демократические тюремщики объяснили такую гуманность тем, что Арби Зармаев якобы «вёл себя агрессивно». Арби при росте 180 см весит 48 кг и находится за всеми пределами истощения – он напоминает узника гитлеровского концлагеря или сталинского ГУЛАГа. Есть серьёзные опасения, что в ближайшие дни он может умереть. Хочу подчеркнуть, что всё это происходит в центре демократической Европы – в стране, которая приютила у себя Европарламент.

21 марта 2011 г. чеченские беженцы намерены провести у здания Европарламента в Брюсселе акцию протеста в связи с делом Арби Зармаева.

Арби – не единственный политзаключённый в Бельгии. Бельгийские демократические чекисты арестовали несколько чеченцев, которых они обвиняют в том, что они якобы планировали «нападение на натовский эшелон». Бельгийские демократы опустились до уровня путинских шизофреников из ФСБ РФ. Один из арестованных чеченцев – инвалид без обеих ног. Бельгийская демократическая гэбня истязает его уже 7 месяцев.

Евгений Новожилов
Брюссель – Варшава

* * *

Комментарий редакции:
Мы вынуждены признать, что подобные случаи жестокого обращения с чеченцами, ишущими политическое убежище в европейских странах, в некоторых странах уже становятся правилом и всему виной наша инертность.

Обращаясь к нашим соотечественикам в Бельгии, к тем кто в настоящее время занимается данной проблемой считаем, что по данному случаю, в случае подтверждения изложенных фактов, должен быть подан иск в судебные органы Бельгии, а в случае неудовлетворительного ответа и в Европейский суд по правам человека в Страсбурге.

Мы сегодня в состоянии организовать подачу иска в Европейский суд и требовать его рассмотрения. И мы обязаны это сделать, если не хотим, что бы подобное отношение в отношении чеченцев стало нормой. Пока это исключение, но если мы будем пассивными, это может стать правилом. Есть хорошая пословица - "Каждый делает то, что ему позволяют!" Это касается и организаций и властных структур.

Просим связаться с нашей редакцией заинтересованных лиц, для координации действий для организaции судебного преследования виновных в жестоком обращении с Арби Зармаевым.

Адрес имейл редакции: ichkeriainfo@gmail.com 
или через раздел контакты: 


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Последнее обновление ( 22.03.2011 18:43 по Джохару )

Антидиффамационный Комитет Чеченцев Европы.

Chechen Anti-Defamation Committee in Europe




Chechen political refugee Arbi Zarmaev will be murdered

Free Arbi !.jpg


The Belgian minister of justice Minister Stefaan De Clerck (Christian Democrats), signed on March 8th 2011, the decision to oblige the Chechen political refugee Arbi Zarmaev to leave the country and to extradite him to the Chechen authorities.

With some 40 Chechens and some representatives of human rights movements, we agreed to meet on March 21, 2011 before the European Parliament in Brussels and to protest against this expulsion and extradition. When I met the group (there was no action at that moment), an undercover policeman asked my identity card. I refused. Another undercover policeman and a policeman in uniform asked again my identity card. I again refused and said I had the right to move and to meet other citizens. I went with the Chechens to a little grass lawn with a beautiful fountain and I unfolded with the help of one of the Chechens, my banner 'Free Arbi - alive'. Then I asked the Chechens to come on the lawn so that there could be taken a group photo. Some undercovers and policemen in uniform prevented it. After a short time we were completely surrounded by a police cordon of 5 undercovers en 20 policemen in uniform. They asked our identity cards and no one of us was allowed to leave the circle of policemen. A policeman threatened to lock up me for 12 hours if I didn't give my identity card to him. One of the policemen pulled the banner out of my hands and destroyed it. After waiting a half hour we got our ID cards back and we were obliged to leave. A police officer told me that I was right by stating that the lawn was not owned by the European Parliament but that we had to ask permission to protest.
Arbi Zarmaev, the Chechen political refugee, is already 21 months locked up in the prison of Bruges. He was accused to have done his application to stay in Belgium under a 'false name'. He was also accused 'theft'. But these allegations seem to be incorrect. Arbi currently weighs just 50 kilograms (about 100 pounds). He has severe injuries in the face, showing that he is beaten. His family fears for his life. If he is extradited to Chechnya as former commander of the Chechen army, he will certainly be tortured and murdered. Arbi's wife and three children (2 years, 5 years, 10 years) are currently living in Belgium and fear that he will die.
Jan Boeykens, president of NGO Werkgroep Morkhoven