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Support Brian Baird who is being attacked for his appeal for Gaza


March 30, 2010

Congressman Brian Baird stands up for the people of Gaza

Seattle Times columnist Bruce Ramsey interviews Rep. Brian Baird, D-Vancouver., about his criticism of Israel and his interest in the people of Gaza.

By Bruce Ramsey

Seattle Times editorial columnist


GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — The United States should break Israel's blockade of Gaza and deliver badly needed supplies by sea, a U.S. congressman told Gaza students.

The congressman was Brian Baird. Many of his colleagues go to Israel, few to Gaza — and none as often as he. The southwest Washington Democrat likes to see things for himself. He went to Iraq, and changed his opinion of U.S. strategy there.

Why Gaza? In an interview, Baird recalled a speech some years ago by Israel's current premier, Benjamin Netanyahu, at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). To Baird, the speech was "thinly disguised racism" — and he recoiled from it. When the crowd applauded, he and his wife walked out.

Then there was Rachel Corrie, who in 2003 was killed in Gaza while trying to block an Israeli bulldozer from wrecking a Gazan house. The Corrie family lives in Baird's district.

Many of his friends "are very distressed" with his criticism of Israel, Baird said. "But if they would see what I have seen and could meet the people I have met, they would change their position."

He recalled his visit to Gaza in February 2009, after Israel's invasion. The American International School had been "a beautiful school, with a Western curriculum." Israel had flattened it, Baird said, "using bombs made by us." A U.S. military man told him of finding a phosphorus shell from the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama...


Misster Karen via Betty Molchany:


Facebook friends are helping Brian Baird who is being attacked viciously for his appeal for Gaza. But we need support. If you are not inclined to write comments, could you at least click on thumbs up to those comments supportive of Congressman Baird and the Palestinians.



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More Dark Truths From Guantanamo: Andy Worthington


More Dark Truths From Guantanamo as Five Innocent Men Are Freed

by: Andy Worthington, t r u t h o u t | Op-Ed


After eight years imprisonment without charge or trial, five former Guantánamo prisoners are beginning new lives this week - two in Switzerland and three in Georgia. Their stories reveal, yet again, how Republican lawmakers and media pundits in the US, who have, in recent months, renewed their fear-filled attacks on those still held, are guilty of hyperbolic and unprincipled outbursts and, in addition, how these critics' attacks are damaging to the prospects of cleared men, seized by mistake, finding new homes in countries that, unlike the US, are prepared to offer them a chance to rebuild their shattered lives on a humanitarian basis...

Andy Worthington

Read the full article: t r u t h o u t | More Dark Truths From Guantanamo as Five Innocent Men Released

Gideon Levy

Gideon Levy 

... DC: Tell me about your military service in the Israeli army.

GL: I did my military service in the [army's] radio station. I was always a good Tel Aviv boy; I had mainstream views; I was not brought up in a political home.

I was at the radio station for four years instead of three [the standard length of military service] but for the fourth year as a civilian. It's a very popular radio station; the army finances it but it is totally civilian.

I was totally blind to the occupation. It was a word I didn't dare to pronounce. I was a typical product of the Israeli brainwash system, without any doubts or questions. I had a lot of national pride; we are the best.

I remember my first trip to the occupied territories [the West Bank and Gaza Strip]. There were a lot of national emotions visiting Rachel's Tomb and the mosque in Hebron. I didn't see any Palestinians then; I just remember the white sheets on the terraces. I was even convinced that they were happy we had conquered them, that they were so grateful we released the Palestinians from the Jordanian regime.

DC: What was the turning point that caused you to criticize the occupation?

GL: There was no turning point. It was a gradual process. It started when I started to travel to the occupied territories as a journalist for Haaretz. It is not as if I decided one day, "I have to cover the occupation." Not at all. I was attracted gradually like a butterfly to a fire or to a light.

My political views were shaped throughout the years; it's not that there was one day that I changed. It was really a gradual process in which I realized this is the biggest drama: Zionism, the occupation. And at the same time I realized there was no one to tell it to the Israelis. I always brought exclusive stories because almost nobody was there. In the first [Palestinian] intifada, there was more interest in the Israeli media. But between the first intifada and the second intifada, I really found myself almost alone in covering the Palestinian side.

DC: Have you completely rejected Zionism?

GL: Zionism has many meanings. For sure, the common concept of Zionism includes the occupation, includes the perception that Jews have more rights in Palestine than anyone else, that the Jewish people are the chosen people, that there can't be equality between Jews and Arabs, Jews and Palestinians. All those beliefs which are very basic in current Zionism, I can't share them. In this sense, I can define myself as an anti-Zionist.

On the other hand, the belief about the Jewish people having the right to live in Palestine side by side with the Palestinians, doing anything possible to compensate the Palestinians for the terrible tragedy that they went through in 1948, this can also be called the Zionist belief. In this case, I share those views...


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SIAC: Special Immigration Appeals Commission


April 1 2010
To fully understand the injustice of the Special Immigration Appeals Commission, read why some people like Brian Barder resign.

Saleyha Ahsan


... 'When I was asked, in November 1997, whether I would allow my name to be submitted to the Lord Chancellor for appointment as a lay member of the new Special Immigration Appeals Commission, I readily agreed, not only because I was flattered, but because I accepted that special procedures for appeals against deportation in national security cases were justified. I believed that SIAC, though imperfect, was probably the best way of giving maximum protection both to those appealing against deportation and to the sources of information essential to the effective functioning of the security services. I heard the commission’s first case and nothing caused me there and then to think I was mistaken in my beliefs. But subsequent developments forced me to conclude that I could not in all conscience play any further part in SIAC, and in January this year I resigned.

SIAC, formally a ‘superior court of record’, is the sole court of appeal for foreigners living in Britain whom the home secretary wants to deport on national security grounds when some of the evidence against them is considered too secret to be disclosed. It was originally established with powers to confirm, amend or reverse the home secretary’s deportation orders and to issue binding directions to him when an order seemed to be unjustified. It was set up in response to a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights that the previous system – an advisory panel of ‘three wise men’, sitting in secret and giving unenforceable advice to the home secretary on the correctness or otherwise of his decision – was in breach of the Convention on Human Rights, which entitles anyone whose rights and freedoms under the convention have been violated to appeal before a court of law.

The chairman of each SIAC hearing is a high court judge. The second member is drawn from a panel of judges with experience in hearing appeals on ordinary immigration matters. The third member, a layperson, is someone with experience of analysing and assessing secret intelligence and with high security clearance. When SIAC was first established, only three lay members were appointed. Since then, as its role has expanded, many more lay members have joined the panel. Most are retired senior civil servants, diplomats, or ex-members of the armed forces and the intelligence and security services. The lay member is there to advise his judicial colleagues on how much weight should be given to the various kinds of secret information submitted in evidence: how to allow for the possibility that intercepted communications may have been deliberately planted, that informers may have embellished their reports in order to please their paymasters, or that raw intelligence may have been misunderstood and misinterpreted by the agent providing it or by the intelligence and security officers who receive and process it. This is an area of which few serving judges have much, if any, direct knowledge. (The recently retired Lord Hutton may be an exception, though his past experience of the intelligence world seems to have had a questionable effect on his findings.)

My experience suggests that the lay member’s views on legal questions, though diffidently expressed, can also sometimes be helpful. It is fair to ask, however, whether intelligence experts ought to be full members of the commission, rather than act as advisers to a panel of three fully-fledged judges. Former senior civil servants and diplomats have necessarily been closely identified for most of their working lives with the Whitehall and Westminster establishment, and may be more reluctant than judges to question the wisdom of the intelligence community, ministers and their officials. But this, sadly, is the least of SIAC’s problems'...

Brian Barder

The full article: http://www.lrb.co.uk/v26/n06/brian-barder/on-siac

Brian Barder was British ambassador to Ethiopia, Poland and Benin, and high commissioner in Nigeria and Australia. He retired in 1994.


L'affaire pédo-criminelle de Zandvoort: l'activiste doit mourir


Bruxelles, 30 Mars 2010

La situation médicale de Marcel Vervloesem de notre association, est à nouveau très mauvaise.

On (le Ministre de la Justice belge Stefaan De Clerck et certain de ses services) le veut vraiment tuer et on le prend en otage pour nous faire taire concerne l'affaire pédo-criminelle de Zandvoort.

Il y a une semaine que Marcel était transféré de la prison de Turnhout à la prison de Hasselt où il vient aujourd'hui avant le tribunal de la peine.

L'emprisonnement de Marcel à la prison est un vrai torture psychologique et physique.  Pendant 50 jours il était enfermé dans une cellule d'isolement ou il n'avait pas de contact. Pendant 591 heures il était enchaîné à son lit, aux appareils médicaux et à la table d'opération.

Pendant les premiers jours de son transfert, il ne nous pouvait pas téléphoner.  Il n'a plus de correspondance parce que tout ses lettres qui arrivent à la prison de Turnhout, sont automatiquement renvoyés, comme nous l'avons constaté il y a quelques semaines.

Le dernier fois, Marcel était obligé de rester pendant un mois à la prison de Hasselt pour passer seulement une heure avant le tribunal.

Il ne voyait pas même un médecin (Marcel a du cancer, est diabète, a des problèmes cardiaques, a des problèmes aux reins, a eu plus de 20 hospitalisations d'urgence et opérations dont 5 ou 6 fois en prison).

Nos messages à Ministre De Clerck et ses services restaient, comme habitude, sans réponse. 'Si ça va à nouveau pire avec sa santé, tant mieux pour nous', on y a pensé.

Lorsque Marcel retourna à la prison de Turnhout, le médecin constatait que les jambes de Marcel étaient de nouveau plein d'eau et qu'il était sur le point d'obtenir une crise de rein.

Dans cette Europe des droits de l'homme (avec Bruxelles comme capitale européenne), tous les possibles violations des droits de l'homme sont possibles.  C'est pour cette raison que la Belgique a obtenue tous les postes clé européens et a un siège dans la Commission des Droits de l'Homme des Nations Unies.

Chez chaque torture psychologique et physique de Marcel, nous redoublons nos publications parce que nous savons que c'est la seule manière de lui sauver la vie. Et même s'il est assassiné par les autorités, comme Gina Bernard-Pardaens il y a quelques années, nous resterons écrire et publier en nous mettrons tout le dossier Zandvoort en publique.

(Marcel travaillait avec Gina Bernard autour la disparition du garçon allemand, Manuel Schadwald. Il y a quelques années que les parents de ce pauvre garçon étaient invités par Stefaan De Clerck qui travaille selon les principes des démocrates-chrétiens)

Jan Boeykens, Président du Werkgroep Morkhoven

prev13Voici une liste avec plus de 20 hospitalisations d’urgence et d’opérations subit par Marcel Vervloesem et qui ont été envoyés plus de 40 fois au Ministre De Clerck et ses collaborateurs de cabinet.
Le Ministre qui prône une justice 'humaine et équitable' et qui se plaint d'un 'surpopulation carcérale' (d'où la location d'une prison aux Pays Bas pour 3.000.000 Euro par an), estime qu'un prisonnier ne peut sorti de prison que 3 jours avant sa mort supposée.
Nous pouvons parler ici de fraude au plus haut niveau...

1) Cancer malin – Hopital St H. Hart à Lier – 2 fois
2) Reins – 5 fois – Hôpital St Elisabeth à Herentals
3) Pancréas – 2 fois – 1X Hopital St H. Hart à Lier, 1X UIA d’Anvers
4) Urgence en soins intensifs pancréatite 2 –
5) Urgence en soins intensifs pancréatite 1 – UIA d’Anvers
6) Soins intensifs – Hôpital Fabiola à Sambreville/Hôpital St Elisabeth à Herentals 11X
7) Reins – Gasthuisberg à Louvain – 2 X
8. Disfonctionnement cardiaque opération à l’AZ Imelda Bonheiden – 3X
9) Soins intensifs diabétiques – Hopital St H. Hart à Lier 4X
10) Reins – Hopital St H. Hart à Lier – 1X
11) Opération du coeur – AZ St Jan Bruges – 1X
12) Dialyse rénale – Hopital St H. Hart à Lier- 1X
13) Hémorragie interne – AZ St Jan Bruges – 1X
14) Opération – AZ St Jan Bruges – 1X
15) Placement chirugical de tuyaux de dialyse – AZ St Jan Bruges – 1X
16) Soins intensifs cardio – St Elisabeth Turnhout – 1X
17) Urgence soins intensifs anémie (leucémie) – St Elisabeth Turnhout – 1X
18) Urgence soins intensifs – St Elisabeth à Herentals – 1X
19) Opération du coeur – AZ St Jan Bruges
20) En date du 14 mai 2009 il devait du à des problèmes cardiaque consécutif entre autre au manque de médication et un traitement insuffisant être admit en urgence à l’hôpital AZ Sint Jan Bruges mais la direction de la prison avec son avis négatif a réussi 1 jour avant l’admission sur base du rapport du PSD éviter cette admission.

kaartvzw Werkgroep Morkhoven - le réseau pédocriminel de Zandvoort:

Droit Fondamental - (French, English, Italian)
Zandvoort case
http://www.morkhoven.droitfondamental.eu/ (English, French, Italian, Dutch)
Réseau Zandvoort
Prisonniers politiques: Ibrahim Baryaz
Médecine - Droit Fondamental
Verdwijningen - Disparitions - Missing children

Zoé Genot, cd-roms Zandvoort

Vidéo ‘Marcel Vervloesem, hymne de la Résistance’
Vervloesem, Mars 1998 
Faits divers, Avril 1998 - réseau Temse/Madeira

Vidéos: ultjecrumpie 1
Vidéos: Ultjecrumpie 2

Signez la pétition 'Free Marcel Vervloesem!'



Gevangenis Turnhout
tav Marcel Vervloesem
4e sectie - Cel 78
Wezenstraat 1
2300 Turnhout (Belgique)

1) Ministre De Clerck
2) Le Roi des belges qui continue à s'amuser et se ne pose pas des questions concerne la disparition des 7 CD-ROM de l'affaire Zandvoort à la Cour d'Anvers, comme le Conseil Supérieur de la Justice affirmait en 2008.  Le Roi recevait ces CD-ROM du Werkgroep Morkhoven et les laissait transférer par le Ministre de la Justice au procureur-général anversoise, Mme Christine Dekkers...


Missing Children: Savestin Todorov Deyanov, Bulgaria


Todor Stanislavov


March 28, 2010

On 30.04.2009 the Court in Strasbourg announced that Case under 2930/2004 are eligible for consideration of all 6 judicial charges Savestin vs Bulgaria.
This case is a real precedent and a huge international scandal for Bulgaria.
Two of these charges are against the Bulgarian government, one is against the Bulgarian President George Parvanov, one is against the Interior Ministry, one is against a The Prosecutor’s office of Bulgaria and one is against the Bulgarian Prosecution and Investigation.


Savestin, a child victim of Bulgarian corruption

Découvrez le terrible combat du père de Savestin, qui est de nos amis. 

(Version anglaise et française sur le site.)

Todor Deyanov has seen his 8-years-old son for the last time on May 6, 1997 when he left with his friend Denis, to play football in front of the house. Three weeks later, Bulgarian police officers warned ...

Todor Deyanov a vu son fils de 8 ans pour la dernière fois le 6 mai 1997, quand il est sorti avec son ami Denis pour jouer au football devant la maison. Trois semaines plus tard, des policiers bulgares mettaient le père de Savestin en garde: s'il les exposait devant la presse, ils monteraient une cabale contre lui pour "l'écraser"...


Peu avant le kidnapping, des hommes étaient venus chez le petit Denis, fils d’une prostituée et adopté par Djahamgiri Dariouche. Né en 1967 en Iran, Dariouche émigra dans les années 90 en Bulgarie, où il a été incarcéré pour trafic d’héroïne en 1995. ...

The Werkgroep Morkhoven will protest to the Bulgarian Embassy!


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Militarization of education for Israeli children

Declaration of Human Rights Too “Problematic” for Israeli Schoolchildren


In a related post, below, we learned about the militarization of education for Israeli children, including homework sheets filled with sketches  of tanks and other weaponry as a method of learning to count and be  indoctrinated at the same time.  Now we learn that  the same  Israeli Department of Education which promoted the militarization of schools  has taken quick action to keep certain rights enumerated in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights from troubling the minds of settler children.

The Ariel municipality had bought as gifts for kindergarten children in the settlements hundreds of copies of the book, “We are all Born Free–the Human Rights Declaration in Pictures.” The book was published in a prestigious edition together with the Amnesty organization.  Among the dozens of pages are 30 illustrations by leading world artists, who were asked to simplify the sections of the declaration to make it suitable for children. But before the books could be distributed  the Education Ministry intervened and recalled them on the basis that the book had “problematic content”   The two articles of the Declaration of Human Rights that worried  the Israeli Department of Education are these:

Article 14:  Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.

Article 18:  Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief.

Related posts:

  1. Israeli Schoolchildren Learn to Count with Tanks
  2. Proposed Legislation Targets Israeli Human Rights NGOs
  3. Rabbis for Human Rights defend New Israel Fund from anti-democratic attacks

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"War on Terror": torture and Lies

Seven Years of War in Iraq: Still Based on Cheney’s Torture and Lies - Saturday's protests, the vile distraction of the Tea Party racists, but most of all a call to remember that Dick Cheney tortured prisoners in the "War on Terror" not to protect America from further attacks, but to seek "evidence" to justify the illegal invasion:

Friday marked the seventh anniversary of the illegal invasion of Iraq, but by now, it seems, the American people have become used to living in a state of perpetual war, even though that war was based on torture and lies. ...

The Zandvoort childporn case

ZANDVOORT CASE: 'Denial of justice even when the victims, the sellers and purchasers of child pornography are identified'...

The search notices of the police Kennemerland have two pages titled "dader" (offenders in Dutch), numbered from 1 to 17. We only know the identity of the offender No. 9, trousers down on a photograph of ...


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Sara Benninga: 'A struggle for justice'

Sheikh Jarrah Speaker Breaks it Down Further

By Sara Benninga

I am a Jerusalemite, and have been involved in the struggle to free Sheikh-Jarrah. Sheikh-Jarrah is a neighborhood in East-Jerusalem, beyond the ‘67 lines. Until recently it was a Palestinian neighborhood. Palestinian refugees from the ‘48 war, who owned property in Israel (Jaffa, Zriffin, and in several neighborhoods of West-Jerusalem such as Talbiya and Katamon) were settled there, then a mostly empty plot, by the Jordanian government and UNRWA. The Palestinians who are protesting with us have been living in houses built by their grandparents in the 50’s.

During the 70’s a Jewish organization claimed ownership of the land of many of the houses in Sheikh-Jarrah, saying that Jews had owned this land before 48’. The Israeli law recognizes Jewish property claims from before 48’, it does no such thing for Palestinians claims.This first Jewish organization sold “their” rights to a different Jewish settler organization, which are now “reclaiming” the houses of Sheikh-Jarrah (there are many juridical problems with this reclamation, including problematic documentation) . Four families have already been evicted from their houses, and now live on the sidewalks near their former houses, while young Jewish settlers move in. The next evictions are in line, the final plan being to take over 28 houses, build 200 units for Jews only, and turn Sheikh-Jarrah into a Jewish neighborhood.
This situation has brought about a weekly protest which is growing from week to week, comprising both Arabs and Jews, Israelis and Palestinian. We have been demonstrating every Friday for the past few months. The police and higher Israeli officials do not like our protest, and have tried to crush it by arresting more than 100 protestors over the past months, many of them being held in jail over the weekend and having indictments filed against them. I myself have been arrested twice, and have two such indictments. The violence used by the police to disperse the demonstrations is far beyond proportion, seeing as we are committed to a non-violent struggle. A struggle for justice.


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'Respectable' political criminals


There is a difference between the Jewish people and 'respectable' political criminals as Benjamin Netanyahu. They mislead the people and have the words 'humanity' and 'justice' not in their dictionary.

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France: l’interdiction abusive du droit de manifester

manifestation annulée, restons mobilisé!

To all guests of Al Aqsa est entrain de s'effondrer!! Réagissons! /!GRANDE MANIFESTATION/!

March 21 at 12:03am
As salamou alrykoum wa rahmatoulah wa barakatouhou

Aujourd’hui sera une journée à inscrire dans les pages les plus sombres de la République française ! La liberté d’expression, à travers l’interdiction abusive du droit de manifester faite à des milliers de personnes qui se sont déplacées pour soutenir le peuple palestinien dans la terrible épreuve qu’il subit, a été bafouée par les autorités politiques de notre pays d’une façon qui n’honore pas la démocratie française mais au contraire la plonge dans les heures les plus noires de son histoire. 

La volonté manifeste de museler la parole d’un groupe de citoyens français par des moyens illégaux (l’autorisation de manifester avait été signée dès mardi après-midi et l’interdiction annoncée seulement 3h43 avant le début de la manifestation) doit conduire tout le monde à réfléchir sur l’état réel de nos institutions. Dans la France de 2010, dès que des citoyens sont conduits à dénoncer des affaires aussi graves que celle qui a cours à Drancy, c’est toute la machine étatique qui s’emballe dangereusement ,quitte pour elle à prendre des décisions illégales, puisque toute personne privée de son droit de manifester doit pouvoir immédiatement saisir le tribunal administratif pour qu’il statue sur ce type d’interdiction préfectorale ; or le samedi ce recours légal n’est pas possible puisque le dit tribunal est fermé.

Face à cette situation imposée ce matin par les plus hautes autorités de notre pays, Abdelhakim Sefrioui, le responsable du Collectif Cheikh Yassine, s’est rendu lui-même place de la République, afin de pouvoir faire connaître à toutes les personnes qui affluaient pour manifester l’interdiction tombée dans la matinée. Ce ne fut pas une situation facile à gérer eu égard à l’imposante présence des forces de l’ordre réunies depuis midi sur le périmètre de la place de la République ; seul le sang froid et une grande volonté de ne pas voir la répression s’exercer sur toutes celles et tous ceux venus manifester ont pu permettre que tout le monde puisse quitter la place de la République sans heurts. 

Sachez, que ce soir notre détermination reste intacte et notre mobilisation sans faille.
Merci de votre soutien, et merci au nom de tous les Palestiniens, à toutes les personnes venues défendre aujourd’hui l'ensemble des scandaleuses violations des droits de l'homme qu'ils subissent dans le silence le plus total de la communauté internationale, dont celui de la France. 

le Collectif Cheikh Yassine


Governed by criminals


Many people (and worldwide) are living in the illusion that they are governed by respectable politicians.
They are seeing blind and accept that they are manipulated, exploited and abused by criminals.


Jewish Voice for Peace http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=info


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a threat to Israelis, Palestinians, Americans, and anyone who wants peace and security in the Middle East. During a March 2010 Vice Presidential visit to Israel, ...


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“Outside the Law: Stories from Guantánamo”

Trailer for “Outside the Law: Stories from Guantánamo” - This is a just a brief taster of the hard-hitting new documentary film, featuring former prisoner Omar Deghayes, lawyers Tom Wilner and Clive Stafford Smith, and myself. It's on YouTube! You can cross-post it! And tell people that the film's on tour ...
http://www...See More

I’m pleased to announce that, via YouTube, a short trailer (1:16) is available for the new documentary film, “Outside the Law: Stories from Guantánamo,” co-directed by filmmaker Polly Nash and journalist Andy Worthington, author of The Guantánamo Files.

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Al Aqsa est entrain de s'effondrer!! Réagissons! 
Date: Saturday, March 20, 2010
Time: 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Location: Place de la Republique, Paris, Metro ligne 5,8,9,11 (République)


Location:Place de la Republique, Paris, Metro ligne 5,8,9,11 (République)
Time:2:00PM Saturday, March 20th

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Réfugiés Afghans



Madame Joëlle Milquet
Monsieur Melchior Wathelet,
Avenue des Arts 7
1210 Bruxelles

Madame la Ministre,
Monsieur le Secrétaire d’Etat,

J’apprends avec effarement par un communiqué Belga que Monsieur Wathelet ne voit pas de problème à renvoyer des réfugiés Afghans vers Kaboul.
Le débat a eu lieu en France et je pensais - jusqu’ici - qu’en Belgique, nous n’avions pas la même politique que celle de Nicolas Sarkozy. Est-ce que je me trompais ?

Savez-vous que l’Afghanistan est en guerre et en proie à une insécurité généralisée ? Selon Amnesty International, « les attaques sans discrimination, les enlèvements et les agressions de civils ont atteint un niveau sans précédent. » (rapport annuel 2009 sur l’Afghanistan).

Savez-vous que c’est un des pays au monde où les femmes et les filles sont le plus exposées aux violences ? Toujours dans le rapport Amnesty, « Selon la Commission indépendante des droits de l’homme en Afghanistan, 60 à 80 % des mariages étaient forcés et les mariages de fillettes étaient fréquents. Il est arrivé à plusieurs reprises que des femmes qui cherchaient à échapper à un conjoint violent soient incarcérées et poursuivies, notamment pour « abandon de domicile » ou crimes « moraux » non prévus par le Code pénal. »

Savez-vous que la Belgique est l’un des pays d’Europe qui offre le moins d’asile et de protection subsidiaire aux demandeurs afghans ? Les chiffres sont affolants : en 2008, 9% d’asile, 14% de protection subsidiaire ; en 2009, 7% d’asile et 6% de protection subsidiaire.

Le Commissariat aux réfugiés ne cherche pas à protéger, ni à examiner le fond du dossier, il cherche la faille. A la moindre petite erreur ou lacune dans les connaissances, le demandeur est débouté, même si c’est une femme, même si il y a des enfants, même si c’est une famille qui a voulu échapper au mariage forcé d’une fillette de 9 ans !

La seule politique humaine possible est d’octroyer une protection à l’ensemble des Afghans en donnant l’assurance qu’aucun ne sera renvoyé tant que la situation ne sera pas sécurisée. Vous devez avoir le courage de cette politique.

Veuillez agréer, Madame la Ministre, Monsieur le Secrétaire d’Etat, l’expression de mes salutations distingués


FAX: 02 790 57 99


Photo: Joëlle Milquet

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Israeli-Palestinian parliament

At this time we have 30 candidates for President and for Parliament. We need more volunteers. You do not need to be a citizen of Israel or Palestine to participate . We particularly need people to test the website in Arabic and Hebrew . If you wish to help us out and volunteer 15-30 minutes of your time, please join Team-IPC on Facebook. or send me a personal message.

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STOP Monsanto and the European Commission


A few days ago, the European Commission gave permission for a number of GM crops to be grown in Europe. 
EU citizens, please sign this petition calling for a moratorium on the introduction of GM crops into Europe and set up 
an independent, ethical, scientific body to research the impact of GM 
crops and determine regulation. 



Under a new 
initiative, if a million or more EU citizens sign (including their 
address), this petition will become an official request to the EC - 
please add your signature!



Jan Boeykens
Jan Boeykens 
A wonderful initiative! Every European must sign this petition!
Not only for the future of the Indian and Pakistani farmers but also for the future of his own children!


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