Syria: Appeal to Russian and Chinese press agencies


The Syrian Arab News Agency SANA, disappeared from the list of Google's search engine. That's not coming as a complete surprise. On 3.14.2012, America's Defense Department’s best-known geek announced that she was leaving the Pentagon for a job at Google...


Appeal to the Russian and Chinese press agencies

Dear Sir(s),

Can you spread the article 'Syrian News Agency no longer exist for Google', please ?

It is unacceptible that so called democratic countries, bomb journalists and deny the universally recognized human right to information.

The double speak used by the western propaganda machine all  the time ('human rights', 'freedom of press',) seems me a refined form of nazi-propaganda that was used for the justification of bombings and occupations of sovereign states.



Photo: On May 7, 1999, NATO fired 3 missiles from different angles to attack the Embassy of China in Yugoslavia, which killed 3 Chinese journalists and injured more than 20. The building of the embassy was seriously damaged. U.S. officials and NATO said the attack on the Chinese Embassy was "a mistake" based on "faulty information".

More information: http://fondation-princesse-de-croy.skynetblogs.be/

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