Arab Politicians and Intellectuals Voice Support to Syria

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200 Arab Politicians and Intellectuals Voice Support to Syria

September 16th, 2012 - AMMAN, (SANA) - Around 200 politicians and intellectuals from different Arab countries stressed in a joint statement their support to the Syrian people and leadership in the face of the aggression waged by powers antagonistic to the Arab nation.

The politicians and intellectuals who signed the statement, among them Metropolitan Atallah Hanna, Archbishop of Sevastia for the Greek Orthodox and Bassam al-Shak'a, a founder of the Palestinian national movement, said that confronting the aggression is a priority at this stage, indicating that no government would relinquish the state's legitimacy for foreign-backed terrorist groups or tolerate tearing apart the social fabric.

They affirmed that vanquishing the powers of aggression is a prerequisite for Syria's emerging from the crisis.

The politicians said the reality of events became clear as evidenced by the developments and the sides arming the criminal gangs who are waging a proxy war for the US, NATO, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel or those providing them with backing and funds.

They condemned calls for backing the terrorist groups, foreign interference in Syria and the economic sanctions, affirming that Syria aspires for peace , reminding that a democratic rule can only be attained by an independent and free people.

M. Ismael


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