Hillary Clinton, preacher of 'human rights'


From 1964 through 1973, the United States flew 580,000 bombing runs over Laos — one every 9 minutes for 10 years. More than 2 million tons of ordnance was unloaded on the countryside, double the amount dropped on Nazi Germany in World War II.

Nearly half of Laos is now contaminated with unexploded ordinance, explosive weapons such as bombs, grenades and land mines.

'Promoting freedom and democracy and protecting human rights around the world are central to U.S. foreign policy' (U.S. Department of State http://www.state.gov/j/drl/ )


Hillary Clinton, Amnesty International, American State Department, Human Rights Watch and the wars against Libanon, Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran.

Suzanne Nossel Richard Holbrooke when he was UN ambassador and current assistant to Hillary Clinton for international organizations, is Executive Director of Amnesty International United States. She applied in office at the State Department to instrument the human rights to serve the imperial ambitions.

Ms. Nossel had previously worked for Human Rights Watch, as well as Bertelsmann Media Worldwide and the administration of the Wall Street Journal.

The Board of Directors of Amnesty International considered that the United States commitment to Suzanne Nossel in the Clinton and Obama administrations was a guarantee of competence and has not held against the crimes committed in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon etc. .

Ms. Nossel has led various campaigns against Iran, Libya and Syria. In recent months she has shown in intoxicating the Council of Human Rights in Geneva in order to be adopted by the Security Council resolution authorizing a war against Libya. The imputations of Ms. Nossel has been denied since.


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