NATO's 'self-defense'

Chinese.diplomats.bombed.jpgDoD expanding collective cyber self-defense beyond NATO

11 April 2012

The US Department of Defense is expanding its collective cyber self-defense cooperation beyond “traditional allies”, such as NATO, to include Japan, South Korea, and New Zealand, a DoD official told a conference this week at Georgetown University.

DoD officials have worked with NATO staff to bring all NATO networks – civilian and military – under the NATO Cyber Incident Response Center, which is expected to be completed later this year, said Steven Schleien, DoD’s principal director for cyber policy at the International Engagement on Cyber conference held at Georgetown University.

Recently, DoD officials have begun talks with the Japanese, South Korean, and New Zealand defense ministries about collective cyber self-defense, while working closely with the British and Australian ministries “to talk about a whole spectrum of cyber interoperability”, Schleien said.

Navy Rear Admiral Samuel Cox, director of intelligence at US Cyber Command, warned the conference that what "we’re looking at is a global cyber arms race [that] is not proceeding in a leisurely or even linear fashion but is, in fact, accelerating."

Cox said that it is relatively easy to cooperate with longstanding international partners like the UK and Australia, as well as Canada and New Zealand. Beyond those nations, Cox added, “it gets significantly harder.”

One of the impediments is the high-level classification of the information, which has “very strict rules on how you can share this with foreign governments,” he said.

The bottom line is that military cooperation with foreign countries in cyberspace “is still an extremely difficult environment to try to navigate through,” Cox concluded.



Photo: NATO's self-defense - NATO was bombing the Chinese embassy in Serbia.  President Bill Clinton later apologized for the bombing, stating it was 'accidental'...

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