NATO bombings kill civilians in Sirt city

NATO’s commander Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard: “All Nato’s targets are military in nature".

8.5.2011 - NATO bombing in Sirt city on civilian areas...
As you see, there are a lot of injured people entering the hospital and women crying in pain, the nurses are crying of the horrific situation and a lady shouting "There is no God except Alla, O' Allah take revenge for us.." One of the nurses say: " Please videotape his let that prince of Qatar that rhinoceros see what he did, the Arabs sold us, yes they are dogs, yes Arabs are dogs the rhinoceros of Qatar is a dog...you prince of Qatar, you are a dog, you dog, you will have your share someday, Libyans will always be proud you dog. A doctor says: " bombing caused some damage to the hospital, as you see the windows are broken and there was damage in the intensive care, the operation rooms and damage all around the hospital..and this led to terrifying the patients that were already deeply injured.



Did you notice how you never actually see the "injured" persons injuries. Lots of blood on top of shirts, and plenty of IV's going into arms etc, people running about pushing trollies about etc but no actual pictures of real injuries. Why? I think we all know the real answer.

Posted by: Wayne | 05/22/2011

The answer is: people are never injured by bombs.

Posted by: Morkhoven | 06/14/2011

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