Green imperialisme


GREEN IMPERIALISME - Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the president of the Green parliamentary group in the European Parliament, loves military interventions, as long as they satisfy imperial interests. His demand to impose a no-fly zone over Libya is only the first step. It would not be the first war which he would like others to fight for him; to this end he has been downplaying Nazi fascism for years: In 1993 he shouted at the Green party conference that war had to be waged against Yugoslavia because the Bosnian Muslims were a “part of European culture" and were "people with our same blood". In 1994 he seriously likened the situation in besieged Goražde with the Warsaw ghetto. Currently he is abusing the memory of the Spanish civil war, the crushing of the social revolution by the fascists, to justify a war against Libya: “… I know that every historical comparison is a bit silly, but still - [19]36 in Spain, we allowed the Germans, with Franco, to massacre the Republicans; it was horrendous, but the French, the English did nothing back then. I think that our generation should behave differently in this respect.”



Libya and the Return of Humanitarian Imperialism
By JEAN BRICMONT, Counterpunch 8/3/11
Mar 10, 2011

The whole gang is back: The parties of the European Left (grouping the "moderate" European communist parties), the Green; José Bové, now allied with Daniel Cohn-Bendit, who has never seen a US-NATO war he didn't like, various Trotkyist groups and of course Bernard-Henry Lévy and Bernard Kouchner, all calling for some sort of "humanitarian intervention" in Libya or accusing the Latin American left, whose positionss are far more sensible, of acting as 'useful idiots' for the "Libyan tyran."

Twelve years later, it is Kosovo all over again. Hundred of thousands of Iraqis dead, NATO stranded in an impossible position in Afghanistan, and they have learned nothing! The Kosovo war was made to stop a nonexistent genocide, the Afghan war to protect women (go and check their situation now), and the Iraq war to protect the Kurds. When will they understand that all wars claim to have humanitarian justifications?
Even Hitler was 'protecting minorities' in Czechoslovakia and Poland....


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