US: Jamie Scott

Bulletin from the cause: E.A.T.D.P (Europeans Against the Death Penalty and prison injustices)

URGENT! Jamie Scott Needs Medical Attention -- Call, E-mail The Doctors

Please e-mail and/or call Drs. Gloria Perry and Zein-Ahmed and request that Jamie Scott #19197 immediately receive proper medical treatment. Jamie has been vomiting for 5 days now and is in need of immediate attention. I apologize for being so crude here but, this is the case and it is urgent. Please assist us in saving her life until she is released! 

Dr. Gloria Perry - gperry@mdoc.state.ms.us 
(601) 359-5155 
Dr. Zein-Ahmed - MZein-Ahmed@mdoc.state.ms.us 
(601) 359-5155 

You may cc and call the following if time permits. 
Margaret Bingham - mbingham@mdoc.state.ms.us 

Christopher Epps - CEPPS@mdoc.state.ms.us 
Epps ph. 601-359-5600 



Posted By: Elish Delaproser
To: Members in E.A.T.D.P (Europeans Against the Death Penalty and prison injustices)

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