The Shin Bet security service will thwart the activity of any group or individual seeking to harm the Jewish and democratic character of the State of Israel, even if such activity is sanctioned by the law.


Letter sent by Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, on behalf of Shin Bet, 2007

On Thursday, prominent political activist Ameer Makhoul, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, was indicted with serious charges of espionage and ‘aiding an enemy’.

As General Director of NGO-network Ittijah, Makhoul’s arrest and detention is attracting international attention as concern mounts about the increasing crackdown on dissent in Israel.

A second man, natural medicine expert and political activist Omar Said, was also indicted, and both men face a lengthy legal process.

As Ittijah described, the arrests and interrogations of Said and Makhoul “were conducted in gross violation of their fundamental rights to due process”.

Once the gag order was lifted this week, more details emerged:

His hands were cuffed to the back of the chair in a way that stretched his arms and shoulders sharply backward. His legs were folded backwards flanking the chair, with his knees turned toward the floor.

When, after hours of being bound in this stress position while under intense interrogation, Makhoul complained of being in excruciating pain, the GSS interrogators proceeded to cuff his legs to the chair. They also threatened that he would be permanently crippled from the interrogation.

While Israel’s security services have issued denials, there is a track record here. The kinds of techniques used against detainees by the GSS were documented in a joint B’Tselem/Hamoked report in 2007. The annual report for 2009 published [PDF] by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) mentions how “interrogations carried out by the General Security Services are always exempt from the requirement of video documentation”.

A December 2009 report by The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) described how “investigations of complaints of torture against General Security Service (GSS) interrogators” are prevented and that “the system enjoys the acquiescence and encouragement of the law enforcement system for torture that occurs in GSS interrogations”.

The targeting of leaders in Palestinian society in Israel should not come as a surprise.

In 2007, the Shin Bet made it clear – like in the quotation above – that it believes it to be “within its charter” to go after “individuals deemed as ‘conducting subversive activity against the Jewish identity of the state,’ even if their actions are not in violation of the law”.

Meanwhile, a ‘citizenship loyalty’ bill has recently passed its first reading in the Knesset, which “calls on Israel to revoke citizenship or permanent status from any person convicted of terrorist activity or of espionage on behalf of a terrorist organization”.

In January 2009, Ameer Makhoul was briefly detained and interrogated by the Shin Bet, as Palestinians in Israel protested the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

In a press release at the time, Ittijah described how one officer leading the questions said that “next time he will be pleased to see Makhoul imprisoned, that Makhoul’s file is ready”, and that Makhoul “will have to say goodbye to his family since he will leave them for a long time”.

May 29, 2010 - By Ben White



Israel est un Etat démocratique gouverné par des bandits...

'Le service de sécurité Shin Bet contrecarrer l'activité de tout groupe ou individu qui cherchent à nuire au caractère juif et démocratique de l'État d'Israël, même si cette activité est sanctionnée par la loi.'

The Shin Bet security service will thwart the activity of any group or individual seeking to harm the Jewish and democratic character of the State of Israel, even if such activity is sanctioned by the law.- Letter sent by Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, on behalf of Shin Bet, 2007

Jan Boeykens on Junior Nell'ombra (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000775626261)


27.6.201 - The picture of this Skynet-message seems, like a number of 30 other images, to see again.  Title and structure of the blog are normal. Blog seems OK.  It seems possible again to publish images. Hacking of this blog seems almost to be over.


Zandvoort childporn case: Free Marcel Vervloesem!

The TV"13eme Rue", Karl Zero and Serge Garde presents on May 26, 2010 at 20:40


Documentary which, from an investigation, started by Marcel Vervloesem of the NGO Werkgroep Morkhoven in 1988, extends the thinking to the whole phenomenon of paedophile criminality. The truth in 90 minutes on the Zandvoort network will be broadcast in prime time at 20:40, because the TV channel "13eme Rue" called it of "public interest".


kaartMorkhoven Group - Zandvoort childporn network:

Zandvoort case 

After 12 years finally to the European Parliament:


ETHNIC CLEANSING: Germany - Israel




'While Judenfrei referred merely to "freeing" an area of all of its Jewish citizens, the term Judenrein (literally "clean of Jews") was also used. This had the stronger connotation that any trace of Jewish blood had been removed as an impurity.' Gelnhausen, Germany, was reported Judenfrei on November 1, 1938 by propaganda newspaper Kinzigwacht after its synagogue was closed and remaining local Jews forced to leave the town.

(Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judenfrei)



Since 2001, Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Avagdor Lieberman, proposes to establish four townships in the occupied West Bank, hermetically sealed, which would be grouped the Palestinians. More recently he has improved his plan. He sees it as a solution for the Palestinian citizens of Israel, who are more than one million, to move the vast majority of the group in tightly closed, self-administered areas. Thus would arise a State ethnically homogeneous from the Mediterranean Sea until the Jordan, sheltering in its midst Palestinian “Bantustans”.

(Info: The Union of Progressive Jews of Belgium - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ird4NfIQxNE)


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The Union of Progressive Jews of Belgium (UPJB) calls for a rally of citizens on March 21 next (18 to 20 hours, Avenue Louise in Brussels, opposite the Conrad Hotel)


The next Sunday, March 21, the Conrad Hotel will host a gala dinner organized by the ‘Israel Bonds International Europe “with, as the guest of honor, the Israeli foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman.

The Union of Progressive Jews of Belgium would recall that the money invested by policyholders in Israeli government Bonds, is largely used to perpetuate the occupation and colonization of Palestinian territories, in flagrant violation of international law.

She also wishes to recall that Avigdor Lieberman, besides his ministerial duties, is the leader of Israel Beteinou (Israel Our Home), a political party openly racist and Arabophobia.

Avigdor Lieberman claims to be ‘democratic’, but his populist rhetoric and proposals regarding the fate of Arab citizens of Israel, is far from the universal conception of democracy. He declared in September 2006 (interview with the newspaper HaZofeh): “I am absolutely in favor of democracy but when there is contradiction between democratic values and Jewish values, Jewish and Zionist values come in first place.”

Since 2001, he proposes to establish four townships in the occupied West Bank, hermetically sealed, which would be grouped the Palestinians. More recently he has improved his plan. He sees it as a solution for the Palestinian citizens of Israel, who are more than one million, to move the vast majority of the group in tightly closed, self-administered areas. Thus would arise a State ethnically homogeneous from the Mediterranean Sea until the Jordan, sheltering in its midst Palestinian “Bantustans”.

The Union of Progressive Jews of Belgium considers that such a person is undesirable on Belgian territory. So she called civil society of our country and the political representatives to join it on March 21 next 18 to 20h, opposite the Conrad Hotel, Avenue Louise, 1050 Brussels, for a protest meeting against the presence of Avigdor Lieberman in the hotel launches.

Important Note: We have assured the police that this meeting would be conducted with dignity. We rely on the sense of responsibility of all those who will join us.

The slogans that we offer:

No to Lieberman’s ethnic cleansing and racist mass treatment Stop the blockade of Gaza Stop the colonization of the West Bank and East Jerusalem Stop building the wall of annexation Respect international law

For the Union of Progressive Jews of Belgium Anne and Henry Grauwels Wajnblum, Co-Chairs

Manif Lieberman.wmv http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ird4NfIQxNE
Free Makhoul-Saidالحرية لامير مخول وعمر سعيدישוחרר אמיר מח'ול-עומר סעיד Photos

Noam Chomsky blocked from entering Israel





Interior Ministry spokeswoman Sabine Haddad to The Jerusalem Post: 'The initial decision to deny Chomsky entry was due to a misunderstanding. Chomsky’s name is not on a blacklist of individuals prohibited from entering the country.'

US linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky pauses while addressing the audience at the National Autonomous University's Educational Investigation Institute ...

Jan Boeykens on http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1445480105



Janan Makhoul: speech




Janan Abdu’s Speech to Solidarity Rally Protesting Detention of Ameer Makhoul Kafr Kanna 13 May 2010:

On behalf of my family and friends, allow me, through this platform, to send a message of admiration and love to my beloved husband Ameer Makhoul, and my friend and brother Omar Saeed, for their steadfastness and say to them: "You are rocks.. Let no wind shake you!”

I wish to thank you, individuals and institutions, for your support and love, and your work that stems from a belief that Omar and Ameer’s case is not a personal issue, but the issue of all Palestinians in Israel.

Your support and love bolster our and their strength and resilience. To the Shin Bet, which effectively controls and runs all the state’s institutions, ties the hands of the courts, and constricts the freedom of the press…

To the Shin Bet, which, through Ameer and Omar, is trying to send a message to all of us, people, leaders and families, I say: You did not and will not succeed. By arresting Omar, abducting Ameer from his house under the cover of night, and detaining the two in conditions reminiscent of apartheid practices, the Shin Bet unmasks the true face of this racist regime.

Those who break into people's homes, wreaking havoc in them and restraining a wife and two daughters.. they are the ones who are afraid. These repressive practices, the use of emergency laws, and the violation of fundamental human and civil rights will only make us and Ameer and Omar stronger and more unified.

Ours is a strong and tenacious people. Ours is a people with a strong identity and solid backbone that will keep us standing.

Let them know that their attempts at obliterating our identity, and preventing our natural and legitimate outreach to the Palestinian people and Arab countries will only make us more determined to defend our rights and the justness of our cause.

They kidnapped Ameer to silence him, because he defends freedoms and exposes the reality of their practices. The abduction of Chairman of the Popular Committee for the Defense of Political Freedoms in an attempt silence his voice only takes place in a terrorist state. It does not occur in a state of law, nor in a country that claims to be democratic!

Finally, I say to them: The Arab world is not our enemy, and will never be! Their policies aimed at gagging our mouths will not intimidate us. On the contrary, they will make us stronger because ours is a just cause and we are the rightful owners of this land.

If they wish for this country to turn into a large Guantanamo, we say: Your prisons cannot hold all of us! No prison in the world can hold an entire people. So let them bring it on!

Ameer Makhoul and Omar Said, we salute you


Janan Abdu Makhoul




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Free Ameer Makhoul !


A former nightclub bouncer who courts controversy through his ultra-right-wing views on how to deal with the Palestinians - and makes even the tough-talking L






The Israeli Minister Lieberman and his friends of Shin Bet who are speaking about 'Jewish' democracy and who accuse everybody of 'espionage', 'infiltration' and 'terrorism'...
It is the same soap.

A soap opera, sometimes called "soap" for short, is an ongoing, episodic work of dramatic fiction presented in serial format on television or radio. The name soap opera stems from the original dramatic serials broadcast on radio that had soap manufacturers such as Procter & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, and Lever Brothers as sponsors and producers. These early radio serials were broadcast in weekday daytime slots when mostly housewives would be available to listen; thus the shows were aimed at and consumed by a predominantly female audience.

Jan Boeykens on Droit Fondamental http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000757324550




Palestine: everything is planned




It is a pure destruction of the Palestinian people and the rob of their ground and houses through intimidations, threats, violence, terror, repression, lies, manipulations, false accusations, violation of human rights and UN-decisions, isolation, denial of water + goods + medicines, locking up of political leaders, secret services, weapons, deportations, murder, walls, prisons, camps and poisoning of the soil.

And verything else is fiction.

It is part of a well-considered plan that under the name 'Peace Process' is executed step-by-step. In collaboration with the U.S. government, the silencing State-governments and International Organisations.

It seems complicated but in fact, it is very simple and clear for the creators of the plan. They work systematically. As a killer who plans a murder. As a surgeon who performs a clinical surgery.
Rational and scientific. Without human feelings.

Jan Boeykens



Palestine: everything is planned 



Israel - Human Rights - Ameer Makhoul - Amnesty International




12 May 2010

Amnesty International has called on the Israeli authorities to end their harassment of a human rights activist whose week-long detention by the Israeli authorities was extended today. 

Ameer Makhoul, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, was arrested in a dawn raid at his home in Haifa, northern Israel, by the Israeli security services and police on 6 May. He has been charged with "contact with a foreign agent" on the basis of “secret evidence”. 

"Ameer Makhoul is a key human rights defender, well-known for his civil society activism on behalf of the Palestinian citizens of Israel," said Philip Luther, Deputy Director of Amnesty International's Middle East and North Africa Programme. 

"His arrest and continued detention smacks of pure harassment, designed to hinder his human rights work. If this is the case, we would regard him as a prisoner of conscience call for his immediate and unconditional release.” 

Ameer Makhoul has been denied legal advice throughout his detention. The doctor at the prison where he is held has informed his lawyer that he is suffering from pains in his head. 

On the morning of his arrest, Ameer Makhoul was taken to Petah Tikva interrogation centre and, at a hearing the same day, his detention was authorized for six days. Today it was extended until 17 May. 

According to Ameer's wife, Janan Makhoul, during the raid on their home, security forces confiscated mobile phones, laptops, a camera, and documents. 

The same morning, members of the Israeli security forces also raided the office of the association Ittijah in Haifa, where Ameer Makhoul works.   

Ameer Makhoul had already been banned from travelling for two months on 21 April by the Israeli Minister of the Interior Eli Yishai, who said at the time that Ameer Makhoul’s exit from the country “poses a serious threat to the security of the state”. 

The Palestinian activist was only made aware of the ban when he attempted to leave Israel on 22 April, where he was scheduled to begin a series of meetings with civil society activists in Jordan. 

When Amnesty International spoke to Ameer Makhoul in late April he expressed his concern that the travel ban was part of a broader pattern of state repression against the peaceful political activities of Palestinian citizens of Israel, justified under "security concerns". 

In January 2009, the Israeli Central Election Committee banned the National Democratic Assembly (NDA), a party which currently holds three seats in the Israeli parliament and calls for Israel to be "a state for all its citizens", and the United Arab List, which has four parliamentary representatives, from standing in Israel’s general elections under the claim that the parties supported terrorism and "did not recognize Israel's existence as a Jewish and democratic state".   

The Committee’s ban on the two parties was subsequently overturned by the Israeli High Court.   

On 24 April, Omar Said, an activist with the NDA was detained by the Israeli authorities.   

Initially a gagging order was imposed on the Israeli press to prevent reporting of Ameer Makhoul’s and Omar Said’s detentions. 

The lifting of the order led to reports in the Israeli media on Monday that the arrests of both men related to accusations of spying and contact with a foreign agent from Lebanese group Hizbullah. 

Ameer Makhoul has been the General Director of Ittijah, which works on behalf of the Palestinian community in Israel, since its foundation in 1995. 

He is also the chair of the Public Committee for the Defence of Political Freedom within the Arab Higher Monitoring Committee in Israel. 

"In the unlikely event that there are genuine grounds to prosecute Ameer Makhoul he should be charged with recognizable criminal offences and brought promptly to trial in full conformity with international fair trial standards," said Philip Luther.




"Free Ameer Makhoul--الحرية لأمير مخول--ישוחרר אמיר מח'ול": http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=115095168526586

על מנועי חיפוש, ישראלים חסרי סבלנות ומה שביניהם. http://freedomofsearch.blogspot.com/2008/05/blog-post.html

Gaza Prisoner Protest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4V8lEcFfBQ



Janan Makhoul: 'Arabs live under military rule'


Makhoul's wife

Janan Makhoul: Arabs live under military rule

Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 5.12.10

Israel News

Janan Makhoul, wife of espionage suspect Ameer Makhoul, said Wednesday that no one "will succeed in frightening us or breaking us".


Makhoul spoke before entering the Petah Tikvah Magistrates' Court for a hearing on the remand of her husband's arrest, which took place behind closed doors.

It was later decided to extend Makhoul's remand by five days.

Meanwhile dozens who support the Arab activist and Omar Said, who was arrested together with him on similar charges, gathered to protest outside the court.

Meanwhile dozens who support the Arab activist and Omar Said, who was arrested together with him on similar charges, gathered to protest outside the court.

"Since Ameer was kidnapped from home our lives have been difficult, but we are dealing with it," she said. Makhoul added that her husband was being held under worse conditions than other prisoners and that he was being prevented from seeing his attorney.

"It's a democratic and legal right, but he is not being given this right," she said. "The Shin Bet will not frighten us. I was born during the time of the military regime here and now there is a military rule towards Israeli-Arabs. They are trying to terrorize us and our girls but we are strong and will not break."

Wednesday's protest for Makhoul (Photo: Ido Erez)

One of Makhoul's daughters also spoke, saying, "We are sure our father did not spy and are waiting for him to come home."

Outside the courthouse, dozens of activists held up signs saying, "No to political persecution" and "Release Ameer Makhoul and Omar Said".

Another of Makhoul's daughters said it was "heartwarming to see the support of Jews who came here to protest dad's situation".

Among the protestors was Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the Islamic Movement's northern branch, and former MK Isam Makhoul, Ameer's brother. "Yesterday Salah was acquitted of a criminal case," he said.  "Just as it ended for him it will end for Ameer, and it will be proven that a mountain was made out of a molehill."

A number of passersby were angered at the protest and yelled out derogatory comments. "I don't have a problem with the Arabs, it is their right to protest, but what bothers me is that Jews are protesting with them. They should be locked in a dungeon for life," one bystander said.



"Free Ameer Makhoul--الحرية لأمير مخول--ישוחרר אמיר מח'ול": http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=115095168526586

על מנועי חיפוש, ישראלים חסרי סבלנות ומה שביניהם. http://freedomofsearch.blogspot.com/2008/05/blog-post.html

Gaza Prisoner Protest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4V8lEcFfBQ



HUMAN RIGHTS ISRAEL: Action Ameer Makhoul’s court case

ACTION court case: 12.5.2010

AmeerFree all prisoners

Stop repression of Palestinian civil society

Join the protest at Ameer Makhoul’s court case

Join the protest at the next court hearing of Ameer Makhoul, a Palestinian human rights defender and serves as the General Director of Ittijah – The Union of Arab Community-Based Associations and Chairman of the Public Committee for the Protection of Political Freedoms in the framework of the High Follow-up Committee for the Arab Citizens of Israel.



Wednesday, 12 May 2010 , 10 am (court hearing: 10:30 am)


First Instance Court at Petah Tikva

Bazel Str. 1, at the corner of Shimshon Street

in front of Rabin Hospital – Bellinson


For a google map see: http://bit.ly/afSo7d)


For more details, please contact: Adv.Hussein Abu Hussein, Ittijah, Chairperson, 054-5428860




On May 6, 2010 at 6 am the Israeli General Security Service accompanied by Israeli police raided his home in Haifa and arrested him. Makhoul is still not allowed to see his lawyer.

Ameer Makhoul’s arrest, detention and a previously imposed travel ban are based on emergency regulations and “secret” information that is never disclosed to the defense. They are a flagrant violation of the UN Declaration and the EU guidelines on Human Rights Defenders. Palestinian human rights of freedom of movement, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and association as well as the right to protection from arbitrary arrest are daily violated.

Israel blatantly disregards all democratic principles in order to prevent Palestinian – and indeed all - civil society to speak out and to crush the popular movement to defend the rights and existence of the Palestinian people.

Mr. Makhoul’s case is only one example amidst a recent escalated campaign by Israeli authorities against Palestinian human rights defenders and civil resistance. In addition to arbitrary arrest and detention, Israeli authorities have applied travel bans against a number of Palestinian human rights defenders in recent months.

Israeli authorities have also started to target Palestinian, Israeli and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) as part of their wider campaign against Palestinian human rights defenders. Measures used include raids of organizations’ offices, deportation of organization staff and volunteers, a new policy of visa denials for international NGO workers, and pending legislation in the Knesset that would enable the Israeli government to close down any organization that gives information to foreign actors or participates in legal efforts outside Israel to try Israeli officials for war crimes.



"Free Ameer Makhoul--الحرية لأمير مخول--ישוחרר אמיר מח'ול": http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=115095168526586


על מנועי חיפוש, ישראלים חסרי סבלנות ומה שביניהם. http://freedomofsearch.blogspot.com/2008/05/blog-post.html

Gaza Prisoner Protest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4V8lEcFfBQ








Israel: Protest against detention of Ameer Makhoul


Hundreds of Israeli Palestinians protested against detention of Ameer Makhoul

TEL AVIV - The pre-dawn arrest of a prominent Israeli-Palestinian human rights activist has this week become a rallying cry for the country’s Palestinian minority.

Yesterday, hundreds of Israeli Palestinians protested against last week’s detention of Ameer Makhoul, protesting that it was part of an escalating campaign to crack down on Israel’s Palestinian citizens. Mr Makhoul is an outspoken critic of Israel and one of the key backers of a new Palestinian boycott on goods produced in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.
The demonstrators included his wife, who held up a placard plastered with a photo of her husband along with a demand to free him. 
Among the protesters were Israeli-Palestinian legislators, including Jamal Zahalka, who declared the arrest was an attempt to “put us into a political ghetto” and pledged that “major protests were on their way”.

Israeli police and the country’s Shin Bet internal security service yesterday partly lifted a gag order on Mr Makhoul’s arrest, saying that he was suspected of spying for Lebanon’s Hizbollah militia, against which Israel fought a month-long war in mid-2006. 
A statement from the Shin Bet said Mr Makhoul, along with another Israeli-Palestinian activist, Omar Sayid, who was arrested in late April, were detained for “severe security offences including contacting a Hizbollah agent”. The two men have not yet been charged, according to a police spokesman. Colleagues of Mr Makhoul, the general director of Ittijah, the umbrella group for Palestinian non-governmental organisations in Israel, and the brother of a former member of the country’s parliament, deny the accusations. Hussein Abu Hussein, a lawyer and the chairman of Ittijah, called the suspicion “ridiculous” and said in an interview: “It’s true that he has connections with activists in the Arab world, but also in Europe and in the US and only in the field of human rights. I have no doubt that he has no relations with Hizbollah.” According to Mr Hussein, the arrest of Mr Makhoul, who is not known for advocating violence, was Israel’s way of relaying a message to its Palestinian citizens. He added: “Israel is trying to show that no one is immune and that he should lower his voice against Israeli practices inside the green line and in the occupied territories.”

Mr Makhoul was detained at around 3am last Thursday at his home in the northern Israeli city of Haifa. Despite the gag order imposed immediately on the case, nine human rights organisations have publicised it by swiftly issuing a joint statement demanding his release. 
According to the statement, 16 Shin Bet agents were accompanied by police officers as they raided Mr Makhoul’s home, citing unspecified security reasons. They confiscated documents, maps, the family’s four mobile phones, two laptops, hard drives from the desktop computers of Mr Makhoul’s two teenage daughters, a camera as well as his wife’s tape recorder.

A similar raid took place at the same time on Ittijah’s offices nearby. Soon after, Mr Makhoul’s detention was extended for six days and he was denied access to a lawyer for at least two days, the groups said. The arrest came just weeks after Israel’s right-wing, ultra-Orthodox interior minister signed an order prohibiting Mr Makhoul from leaving the country for two months, saying his exit “poses a serious threat to the security of the state”, according to the groups’ statement. Palestinian groups claim Mr Makhoul’s arrest reflects a stepped-up Israeli campaign against human rights defenders in general and Palestinian activists in particular. Along with arrests, the campaign also includes raids, deportations, travel bans and visa denials, they say. 
Abeer Baker, a lawyer for Adalah, a Haifa-based legal group advocating for Palestinian rights, and which is representing Mr Makhoul and Mr Sayid, said: “These actions are the extreme aspects of the criminal law – they should be used exceptionally, but they are used very often against Arab leaders in Israel. This is a way to limit our rights to criticise publicly.” Ms Baker said the campaign has intensified since the predominantly right-wing, pro-settler government of the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took office more than a year ago. She added: “It’s a political attack in which they use emergency regulations, criminal law and the most extreme provisions of the Israeli law.” 
Masud Ganaim, a Palestinian legislator in Israel’s parliament, lambasted the arrest in an e-mail as a “clear proof of racism … for whomever claims Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East”.

Indeed, Mr Makhoul’s arrest is only the most recent example of such actions against Arab citizens. 
According to Ms Baker, a non-governmental organisation registered in Israel and advocating for the rights of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails was shut three months ago by the Israeli defence ministry, which had cited security reasons.  Such actions are drawing more support among Israelis, who, according to analysts, are increasingly drifting to the right. Indeed, a poll released in late April by Tel Aviv University showed that more than half of Jewish Israelis believed human rights groups that exposed immoral behaviour by Israel should not be allowed to operate freely, and that the government permitted too much freedom of expression.



Free Ameer Makhoul--الحرية لأمير مخول--ישוחרר אמיר מח'ול: ACTION in Israel

Monday, May 10, 2010 

Haifa joint protest by Balad and Hadash

Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: Hagefen St. junction near Beit Hagefen

If you are in Israel, please consider attending this demonstration jointly organized by Balad and Hadash to protest the widespread attack on progressive political activisits like Ameer Makhoul and Omer Said.

Our group now consists of 1,350 members and growing by the minute. Please continue notifying people about it and soliciting their support and participation.

Haifa joint protest by Balad and Hadash

ביחד נעצור את הרדיפות והמעצרים הפוליטיים
לא לצווי איסור פגישה של 
עצורים עם עורכי הדין שלהם 
לא לצווי איסור פרסום

כולכם מוזמנים 
להשתתף במשמרת המחאה נגד המעצרים והרדיפות הפוליטיות כנגד הנהגת החברה 
האזרחית והציבור הערבי.
ההפגנה תתקיים ביום ב' 10/5/2010 שעה 19:00 
בפינת רחובות ההר (הציונות) והגפן, מול בית הגפן.

ישוחררו מיד אמיר 

סניפי חיפה:
המפלגה הקומוניסטית וחד"ש
תנועת אבנאא אלבלד

Location:elJabal & elKarmah (Hagefen) st. junction near "Beit elKarma (beit Hagefen)", Haifa
Time:7:00PM Monday, May 10th

"Free Ameer Makhoul--الحرية لأمير مخول--ישוחרר אמיר מח'ול": http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=115095168526586

על מנועי חיפוש, ישראלים חסרי סבלנות ומה שביניהם. http://freedomofsearch.blogspot.com/2008/05/blog-post.html

Gaza Prisoner Protest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4V8lEcFfBQ

Photo added by Mohammad Zeidan to the group ""Free Ameer Makhoul--الحرية لأمير مخول--ישוחרר אמיר מח'ול"" on http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4489484&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=115095168526586&aid=-1&id=626405973

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De gevangeniswet: Fons Borginon


Geachte Heer Borginon,

Bedankt voor het aanvaarden van onze vriendschap op Facebook.

Zoals ik reeds zei, lag u mee aan de basis van de 'nieuwe' gevangeniswet van 2004 waarin de rechten van de gevangenen geregeld werden.

Wij stellen echter vast dat deze wet door justitieminister De Clerck en zijn diensten niet wordt gerespecteerd.
De wet wordt zelfs niet eens toegepast.

Ik hoop dan ook dat we over dit onderwerp waarover ik u trachtte te contacteren, een open debat kunnen voeren.

Jan Boeykens, Voorzitter vzw Werkgroep Morkhoven 

Jan Boeykens ( http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1445480105 ) op http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1445261486 van Fons Borginon

Fons Borginon

Open VLD

Directeur Algemeen Beleid Vice Eerste Minister en Minister van Begroting Guy Vanhengel
Voorzitter Districtsraad Berchem
Voorzitter Open VLD Berchem


Veldekens 6
Berchem, Belgium 2600


Foto: Fons Borginon


'L'histoire de mes petits princes'


'Ici, vous trouverez le résumé de l'histoire de mes petits princes. L'enfer par lequel leurs parents et moi sommes passés pour sauver ces enfants est inimaginable... C'est pour eux que je me suis lancée dans le combat pour le droit à l'information.' 


Jacqueline de Croÿ on http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1308435&id=1273288285

La déclaration universelle des droits de l’Homme

Droits de l'Homme

La déclaration universelle des droits de l’Homme, version a...

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Israeli Palestinian human rights: Free Ameer Makhoul

There are many problems with our Skynet blogs. Photos seem to disappear or are made invisible for a while. There is a complaint with the direction of Belgacom-Skynet. Belgacom is the government-owned telecom service provider of Belgium and belongs to a special class of Belgian state-owned utility companies (it had a state monopoly). The company act as a commercial concern and pointed out, its strengths in international communications helped Brussels to attract companies like Hewlett-Packard and British Petroleum, to set up their international headquarters there (next the headquarters for NATO and the EEC). The company is working with Israeli phone and Internet tapping instruments but that’s so expensive that the budget of Belgian Justice for this year is already exhausted.
Interesting information: the majority of the firewalls on US corporate and government computer systems are provided by just one company, Checkpoint Systems, which like Amdocs, Comverse Infosys, and Odigo, is headquartered in Israel.

Ameer Makhoul, director of the Israeli Palestinian human rights NGO, Ittijah, was arrested by the Israeli Shin Bet in the dead of night. His home was ransacked, computers taken, he cannot consult wit...

Jewish Voice for Peace on http://www.facebook.com/JewishVoiceforPeace


Organised paedocriminality


Jan Boeykens on http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1445480105&ref=profile

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Hold Israel Accountable: Model letter to your government




Hold Israel Accountable

Your Excellency

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is scheduled to convene in May 2010 in order to take a formal decision on Israel’s application for membership in the Organization. A vote for Israel’s accession to the OECD will be regarded by people of conscience around the world as a decisive and far-reaching act of complicity in rewarding and perpetuating Israel’s occupation, colonization and apartheid against the Palestinian people. Furthermore, it will irreparably undermine the rule of law and further entrench the culture of impunity that has enabled Israel to escalate its commission of war crimes and what is described by some leading international law experts as a prelude to genocide against Palestinians in the illegally besieged and occupied Gaza Strip.

We call on you to ensure that Israel will not be admitted into the OECD by casting a vote against Israel’s accession in the final review of its application in May. Membership in the OECD will intensely fuel Israel’s militarism, belligerence and aggression, further destabilizing the entire region, undermining security as well as social, political and economic development and making the quest for a just peace an unattainable goal.

We deplore the OECD’s persistent disregard of evidence submitted by human rights and civil society organizations in process of examination of Israel’s membership application [1].
We further deplore the decision by the OECD to consider Israel’s inability to provide economic statistics which distinguish between the state of Israel and the Palestinian and Syrian territories it occupies as not constituting and obstacle to Israel’s OECD accession [2].

We affirm that the OECD becomes complicit in Israel’s unlawful acts, if the Organization fails to address – despite ample evidence – Israel’s reality as an oppressive occupying and colonizing power in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip and continues to ignore Israel’s system of institutionalized racial discrimination which is the root cause of the extreme poverty among its Palestinian citizens highlighted in OECD reports.

Israel, like all other states, is to be held accountable to the standards of international law and universal human rights and must respect them before it can be welcomed as a member in the OECD. Respect and compliance with international humanitarian and human rights law is a requirement for members under OECD instruments. The 1960 OECD Convention, for example, affirms that “economic strength and prosperity are essential for the attainment of the purposes of the United Nations, the preservation of individual liberty and the increase of general well-being.” In the “Road Map for the accession of Israel to the OECD Convention” adopted by the Council in November 2007, the Council noted that in order for Israel to accede to the OECD it must demonstrate its commitment to “fundamental values” shared by all OECD members and meet related benchmarks. The stated OECD values include “a commitment to pluralist democracy based on the rule of law and the respect of human rights, adherence to open and transparent market economy principles and a shared goal of sustainable development.”

Condemned as a state that is practicing occupation, colonization and apartheid by a recent authoritative legal study in South Africa supervised by international law expert and former UN human rights rapporteur, Prof. John Dugard, Israel is not in compliance with international law and OECD standards and benchmarks [3]. Israel has yet to comply with the recommendations of the UN Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict and investigate and prosecute where needed those responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity that resulted in the death of more than 1,400 Palestinians, most of them civilians, in the winter of 2008/9. Israel has yet to lift its illegal blockade of the occupied Gaza Strip which has brought to the brink of starvation almost 1.5 million Palestinians, most of whom are refugees Israel had displaced and dispossessed back in 1948. It has yet to dismantle its illegal Wall in the occupied Palestinian West Bank in accordance with the 2004 International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion. Israel has yet to end its almost 43-year-old occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, reverse its colonial enterprise and release Palestinians detained and imprisoned. It has yet to transform its political and legal system in order to provide reparation for millions of Palestinian victims, including return for the refugees, and allow full and equal participation of its Palestinian citizens. Only then will Israel meet the standards of pluralist democracies valued by the OECD.

We reiterate concerns expressed on numerous occasions to the OECD by human rights and civil society organizations and call upon your government to say no to Israel’s bid for membership in the OECD.

In deep concern and with sincere greetings,


Ziyaad Lunat - http://www.facebook.com/ziyaad  


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