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Janan Abdu’s Speech to Solidarity Rally Protesting Detention of Ameer Makhoul Kafr Kanna 13 May 2010:

On behalf of my family and friends, allow me, through this platform, to send a message of admiration and love to my beloved husband Ameer Makhoul, and my friend and brother Omar Saeed, for their steadfastness and say to them: "You are rocks.. Let no wind shake you!”

I wish to thank you, individuals and institutions, for your support and love, and your work that stems from a belief that Omar and Ameer’s case is not a personal issue, but the issue of all Palestinians in Israel.

Your support and love bolster our and their strength and resilience. To the Shin Bet, which effectively controls and runs all the state’s institutions, ties the hands of the courts, and constricts the freedom of the press…

To the Shin Bet, which, through Ameer and Omar, is trying to send a message to all of us, people, leaders and families, I say: You did not and will not succeed. By arresting Omar, abducting Ameer from his house under the cover of night, and detaining the two in conditions reminiscent of apartheid practices, the Shin Bet unmasks the true face of this racist regime.

Those who break into people's homes, wreaking havoc in them and restraining a wife and two daughters.. they are the ones who are afraid. These repressive practices, the use of emergency laws, and the violation of fundamental human and civil rights will only make us and Ameer and Omar stronger and more unified.

Ours is a strong and tenacious people. Ours is a people with a strong identity and solid backbone that will keep us standing.

Let them know that their attempts at obliterating our identity, and preventing our natural and legitimate outreach to the Palestinian people and Arab countries will only make us more determined to defend our rights and the justness of our cause.

They kidnapped Ameer to silence him, because he defends freedoms and exposes the reality of their practices. The abduction of Chairman of the Popular Committee for the Defense of Political Freedoms in an attempt silence his voice only takes place in a terrorist state. It does not occur in a state of law, nor in a country that claims to be democratic!

Finally, I say to them: The Arab world is not our enemy, and will never be! Their policies aimed at gagging our mouths will not intimidate us. On the contrary, they will make us stronger because ours is a just cause and we are the rightful owners of this land.

If they wish for this country to turn into a large Guantanamo, we say: Your prisons cannot hold all of us! No prison in the world can hold an entire people. So let them bring it on!

Ameer Makhoul and Omar Said, we salute you


Janan Abdu Makhoul




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torture Secret services use different techniques to silence activists: mental torture to finally break a person's health is one of them.

Posted by: Jan Boeykens | 05/18/2010

Civil rights A suspect is simply an individual whose involvement in a crime is being examined. As such, he or she is assumed to be innocent until proven guilty. Respect for his or her due process rights is intended to ensure that the process aimed at determining guilt or innocence is fair and effective.

Posted by: Jan Boeykens | 05/18/2010

Democracy False accusations, arrest and deportation... What next?

'When the Israeli army occupied Palestinian lands in 1967, the Israeli military commander issued an order giving himself the sole right to legislate for the people under his army's control. Military order number one combined executive, legislative and judicial powers regarding Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. Since then, thousands of laws have been issued by successive military commanders who single-handedly amend existing laws or issue totally ones without discussion, debate or even a public announcement.'


Posted by: Yves | 05/23/2010

'Democracy' The difference between Nazism and Democracy is that in a Democracy people are not gassed.
They are only threatened, false accused, arrested, mentally and physically destroyed by secret services; their families are slowly destroyed, and - in preparation for their deportation, if they survive - they are imprisoned for many years.

Adolf Hitler would have called the Israeli State with the 11.000 palestinian prisoners and its deportations, including young people and children, a 'model democracy'.

Posted by: Jan Boeykens | 05/27/2010

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