Free Ameer Makhoul !


A former nightclub bouncer who courts controversy through his ultra-right-wing views on how to deal with the Palestinians - and makes even the tough-talking L



Action 'Free Ameer Makhoul' Maybe we can use this energy to generate some visible direct pressure on decision-makers in Israel.

Last Wednesday Dr. Saeed's arrest was extended till Sunday, Mr. Makhoul's till Monday. This means that unless I'm mistaken, at least one of them will have a court hearing in a few hours. Both are still barred access to legal counsel, Dr. Said for 3 weeks now.

So - 1. Can you write or call the regional court where the hearing will take place? Protest the non-access to counsel, a violation of due process which biases the distorts the results. Demand an immediate release, since the two are civic leaders who pose no risk to the public.
Faxes if you can send them, are better than phones since they must be recorded and the "press delete" solution is not an option.

Petah Tikva regional court fax +972-3-9299447, 9299448, 9299449
Court clerk Rahamim Asher email: RACHAMIMA@court.gov.il, telephones +972-3-9299508, +972-50-6255249

Perhaps send a word also to the lower court where the gag was issued:
Petah Tikva district court fax +972-3-9299546, 9299547, 9299548
Court clerk Gila Dayan Ifargan gilid@court.gov.il, tel. +972-3-9299453.

Writing the Minister of Justice is also an option, protesting the lack of access to legal counsel. The minister, a seasoned lawyer, knows exactly how the prosecution can twist things if defendant has no access.
sar@justice.gov.il, Fax: 02-6285438, phone: 02-6466527

Finally: write your favorite Israeli embassy/consulate, protesting the egregious intervention of Foreign Minister Lieberman in the case. Grossly violating the "innocent until proven guilty" principle, Lieberman went public yesterday claiming the defendants have "the same values and world view as Iran, Hezbollah, and North Korea."

Contrast this with what Dr. Stephen Fulder, who knows Dr. Saeed personally, said about him: http://kibush.co.il/show_file.asp?num=39937

Is that how Israel's top diplomat is supposed to behave?
Embassy links: http://www.embassyworld.com/embassy/Israel/Israel1.html

Let us know on the wall of any experiences you get from this.

Posted by: Yves | 05/15/2010

Israeli Embassy The Israeli Embassy in France

Ambassade d'Israël en France
3, Rue Rabelais
Paris, France, 75008



Posted by: Yves | 05/15/2010

You Tube The 12th of May 2010, an Israeli Magistrates Court extended the political detentions of Palestinian civil society activists Dr. Omar Said and Ameer Makhoul by 4 and 5 days, respectively. The extensions were issued in closed door hearings in which Said and Makhoul were not permitted to meet their legal representatives.


Posted by: Yves | 05/15/2010

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Posted by: Mork | 05/17/2010

Water and wine
'Let us hope that the action about Ameer Makhoul and Omer Said stops if we do a little water in the wine...'

Makhoul will meet his lawyers tonight at 9 Israel-Palestine time.
Omar Said has no right to legal counsel.

Posted by: Mork | 05/17/2010

political decision It is clear that the decision to accuse Ameer Makhoul was a political decision and that he is a political prisoner.
His guilt and his conviction were planned in advance.
The problem was that there was no tangible evidence against him. Hence he was a few weeks, not entitled to a lawyer, questioned and tortured by the Israeli secret services.

The Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman was very clear on 5.11.2010 where he commented the arrest of Ameer Makhoul and Omer Said: "Our intelligence services are of the best in the world and are also very, very responsible people. Without serious, decisive evidence, they would not have taken such a step."

He forgot to tell that the 'step' was possible a simple phone call from him.

Posted by: Jan Boeykens | 05/27/2010

Belgian support Brussels, 22.6.2010

Dear Ameer,

Your trial was supposed to begin today but I've heard that the case (after 47 days) was delayed.

This case is not good for the credibility of Israeli Justice.
In a democratic state, the powers are separate and independent.

In Israel, everything (Justice, politics, religion, secret services,) seems mixed.
Fortunately, there are some journalists and citizens who dare to tell the truth but they are more and more threatened, beaten by the police, falsely accused, imprisoned and tortured.

Greetings from the Ameer Makhoul support group in Belgium


Posted by: Mork | 06/22/2010

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