The Zandvoort childporn case

ZANDVOORT CASE: 'Denial of justice even when the victims, the sellers and purchasers of child pornography are identified'...

The search notices of the police Kennemerland have two pages titled "dader" (offenders in Dutch), numbered from 1 to 17. We only know the identity of the offender No. 9, trousers down on a photograph of ...


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It's criminal...
It is criminal of the Belgian minister of Justice to lock up in prison somebody who is seriously ill (heart disease, kidney problems, diabetic, cancer, more than 20 emergency admissions and surgical interventions).
It is criminal to isolate a man that is seriously ill and to leave him for weeks without a doctor.
It is criminal to cover up a child pornography case and the disappearance of child pornography material (the 7 child porn CD-ROMs that came from the Belgian King who received them from our association).
It is criminal to impose an anti-childporn activist, a speaking ban with the press.
It is criminal to murder him and to make it impossible that he will keep fighting against child pornography.
It is incomprehensible that the Belgian government and parliament, speaks well about the crimes of their Minister of Justice.
It is unacceptable that the Belgian State sits in the Commission on Human Rights of the United Nations.

Posted by: Morkhoven | 03/27/2010

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