Belgian prisons

It is time to attack the psycho-social services in the Belgian prisons. These services were created to help prisoners and not to torture them. It is unacceptable that the Belgian minister of Justice Stefaan De Clerck, accept these criminal practices. Protest: stefaan.declerck@just.fgov.be, stefaan.de.clerck@pandora.be, (Belgium is, with the United States and Norway, member of the UN Commission on Human Rights)

January 5 2010

It is typical for this time that again what was meant for to do good for people is twisted into an instrument to make people suffer. There was a time the church made that mistake, now the church returned to it's core business, but the entire society makes that mistake. Yesterday on the bus I overheard an appalling conversation between two young women. The one who talked most definitely believed it would add to her popularity to talk in a hostile way about the church, and right after that she bragged about how heartless she could be with her child. 

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